Peter: ‘Mrs Reid isn’t my business’

Peter Andre famously broke down on live TV last week, but he claims it wasn’t because his ex-wife Katie Price’s surprise wedding to Alex Reid.

When speaking to Kay Burley of Sky News, the Aussie singer held back the tears when asked how he would feel if Alex adopted his children.

Speaking to News of the World, the doting dad admits that he doesn’t care about Katie and Alex’s wedding, and that he was merely upset about his children: "I wasn’t upset because of the wedding, absolutely not. To me it was the best closure I could have asked for. Once she became Mrs Reid, it’s not my business anymore. I stepped away from the circus a long time ago. Whatever is to do with the kids will be my business."

He has also revealed that he will be removing the tattoo of his ex-wife’s name that he has around his finger. "I think it’s time to get rid of the tattoo. I didn’t do it before because of the kids.”

That’s what we want to hear Pete!

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59 thoughts on “Peter: ‘Mrs Reid isn’t my business’

  1. I must have been watching a different interview to you. I thought he was upset over Dwight Yorkes comments. Anyway it"s about time the whole saga was put to rest, there are far more important things going on in this world than the horrible threesome.

  2. I work for a and we have just spoken to Peter Andre about removing an unwanted tattoo? He has placed an order for a supply of cream to remove his tattoo this has been sent to an address in brighton im not sure why so stories are correct he is removing an unwanted tattoo I dont know what tattoo but I can bet its Katies name….. Only time will tell

  3. everyone should stop buying all the jordan alex n pete mags n watching the interviews and watch how slowly they fade away also listen out for the mad headlines they use to get attention,its hilarious,but sad.

  4. i agree andrew. Pete has been such a gentleman in all this, so sad these children have to be caught up in the media because of their stupid plastic barbie doll for a mother. I hope pete can carry on bringing these children up properly. Move on now Pete you made the best move yet when you left her !!!!!

  5. I agree with Sharon, Peter has been a real gentleman. I believe him to be a really sincere, loving father and its a shame that he never met someone as sincere as himself. Hopefully, there is a lovely girl out there for him, she would be a very lucky girl too.Keep your chin up Peter x

  6. What a shambles! Pete is best out of it but Katie\’s desperate search for love and attention is making her do such daft things and this is a marriage doomed for disaster. She doesn\’t know when she\’s well off….. she had the best and she let him go! It\’s the kids I feel really sorry for….she should put their needs before her own selfish limelight seeking ALWAYS like other proper Mother\’s do! Shame on you Katie Price/Andre/Reid

  7. Yer! Go Pete! Get rid of the tattoo, she has another way to stay in the limelight now, you are a doting Daddy to your kids, Alex won\’t be able to adopt them without your permission, don\’t ever give permission.. At least your future will be be based on you being a real person and not for attention seeking, money making publicity like your ex-wife.. You\’re lucky you\’re out of that circus. Good luck in everything you do Pete xxxxxxxx

  8. Good Luck to you Pete, you deserve a better year this year, you are a great father and a georgeous bloke, take everything your life has to offer and live it to the full for the benefit of your kids and you. Ignore the silly stunts and comments from others around you, you have been a saint so far. Dont lt the buggers grind you down. Take care x

  9. I agree! It\’s a shame the children are caught up in all this media, but when they\’re older I reckon they\’ll go to their dad because he\’s very sincere and a beautiful person, he would keep them out of the limelight for their sakes cos he isn\’t a selfish limelight seeker…. Jordan and Alex\’s marriage will be another money making, media attention seeking act that will collapse when it doesn\’t matter to anyone and then she\’ll move onto some other poor victim… Good luck Alex, you\’re gonna need it mate!!

  10. pete all the best to you and your kids, they dont need anyone else but you, get rid of your tatoo and all your bad memoriesI would like to see you with a new love, this time take your time and dont go for someone whos mostly false with a big mouththere marriage wont last long he\’ll see through her soon.

  11. Stop feeling sorry for this freeloading aussie ! He knew the score when he got involved with a very madia savvy ambitious young lady. He was washed up and put in the jungle as a bit of a cheesy joke (and he got paid for that..what else was he doing with his life at the time ?)I lived down under for three years and I can honestly say I have never met such two faced backstabbing people with very big chips on there shoulders…many brits will say the same who have experience in these matters !

  12. i want to be as famous for doing nothing,I think I get katie tatoo and then anounce I will remove it,I am a big unreality tv star in my own home

  13. Sorry, but i ain\’t got any time for either of them. They both need to grow-up and start acting their age. I really do feel sorry for their children though.. I had a very similar problem with my first marriage regarding our children, but i very soon realised that forgiving my ex over what she did was the best way of helping our children get over our divorce.. The only problem i have now is that although i can forgive my ex, try as i might, i just cannot forget what happened. Who knows, maybe one day the pain will go away..

  14. it was lovely seeing you in bar hill cambridge you got the kids that is all you need but if yu want to marry me i am available haha

  15. If you could \’reality TV show\’ the tatoo removal it may well make people realise the pain involved and make them think before they have one………that would be something worth highlighting for society!

  16. Good on you Pete, what ever did you see in that slut, made her money in the crudest way, meet a nice girl , not a poser like her always attention seeking.

  17. pete u have been my icon since i was 11 and im now 29 im so proud of u.u r a wicked father and the only thing i didnt ike was wen u got with that nasty plastic barbie doll she has upset u so much but glad ur moving on and im so proud of u keep it up for u and the kids.

  18. Pete, I wish you much happiness for the future……… Your a good man and a good father, and I am sure you will find your way in the world again x

  19. Ha ha ha What an excuse for removing his tattoo"He didn\’t before because of the kids".He kept it because he thought he would get back with Katie.Serves him right.He is no better than her,at least she tells the truth.He was a nobody before he married her,and has done very well out of it.He should be own on his knees thanking her.Why can\’t people see how two faced he is,always playing the sympathy card.

  20. Pete you are a proper mug – now you are lumbered with her kids. I bet his family are ashamed of him. What you need is a lovely Greek girl to settle down with…but no one is gonna want you!

  21. I work for a and we have just spoken to Peter Andre about removing an unwantedtattoo? He has placed an order for a supply of cream to remove his tattoo this has been sent to an address inbrighton im not sure why so stories are correct he is removing an unwanted tattoo I dont know what tattoo butI can bet its Katies name….. Only time will tell

  22. I work for a and we have just spoken to Peter Andre about removing an unwantedtattoo? He has placed an order for a supply of cream to remove his tattoo this has been sent to an address inbrighton im not sure why so stories are correct he is removing an unwanted tattoo I dont know what tattoo butI can bet its Katies name….. Only time will tell

  23. I work for a and we have just spoken to Peter Andre about removing an unwantedtattoo? He has placed an order for a supply of cream to remove his tattoo this has been sent to an address inbrighton im not sure why so stories are correct he is removing an unwanted tattoo I dont know what tattoo butI can bet its Katies name….. Only time will tell

  24. in just a few months you have shown how much you take on you responcability of being a dadwell done for that dont hold a grude move on because we think even alex will not stand hernasty ways/the lost care she as shown to the children good luck god bless time will tell

  25. helen.omg i cant belive how nasty some people can be everyone knows he thinks the world of his children (that includes harvy) why did kay ask that question what did you get from it kay? everyone knows it was going to upset him,i hope it made your feeling guilty kay. pete has put up with a lot from kate. why would anyone be ashamed pete he always do his best and put others first,he will always have lots of women wanting to be with him. mr or mrs no name your just jealous.he dont need an excuse to get rid of a that tatoo, people are forgetting how kate has treated pete realy badly and still is.take no notice of what these nasty people say there not worth it. pete has worked hard to get where he is and was famous long ago before he met kate i been a big fan from the first time he was famous still am always will be, i seen him when he came to our local shopping centre,my 2 daughters and i are going to see him in consert in bournmouth its along way from bristol not good seats but hes worth it. pete your a great man and dad im sure you will always be,dont let anyone change you, your the best ,there are only a few men like you. i wish you the best of luck for the furture you deserve it, im sure you will find a realy good woman, take your time to find the right one. you got a good life and a lot to offer. god bless lots of luck,love to you and the children. xx

  26. well i sat gob smacked watching the interview what the hell did kay burley think she was saying heartless individual she is …and i was being polite. everyone can see how much peter loves his children and the comment truely caused him distress what awicked thing to say to such lovely careing man .if you do read is peter i admire you you are a fantastic father and i wish you and you children well xx

  27. oh and another album out no wonder he was cryin 2 get the public 2 feel sorry 4 him so they buy the crap he calls music,and the stupid idiots fall 4 it and buy it,lol

  28. katie price stopped being any of his business as soon as he walked out the door and put in for a divorce. people should stop giving this sulky muppet sympathy, he says the marriage was in trouble for some time, well if that was the case did he think at the time getting her pregnant was going to mend a rocky marriage? then she loses the kid and sulky pete dumps her within weeks, yes pete, you\’re a real nice bloke. find a nice greek girl, they\’ll let you walk all over them, put up with the sulks and do as they\’re told without question because thats how they are bought up, to obey men, unlike your ex who had a mind of her own. katie price is a clever business woman with the midas touch and andre wants to remember, it\’s his kids thats going to benefit in the end from the money she\’s making. as for him, he should remember, if he had\’nt married her he would have faded away never to be heard of again. as it is it\’s only his whinging to the press about katie price and their kids thats keeping him in the spotlight, some day some other mug is going to marry this pathetic apology of a man

  29. who gives an sh1t about his goddamned tattoo – he\’s just a prize w****r – more fool him for meeting her in the first place (bitch) and even more fool getting tattooed – perhaps he should leave it and add something appropriate after it –

  30. Perhaps more importantly – he should try and buy a few brain cells – anyone interested in that dumb sh1t probably needs a few as well.

  31. What a twat, Just get over it and get a life. Its ever sofunny that he realesed album soon after the divorce. What a stunt. And all the series Katie$& Peter where more abot him he was just everywhere and could not shut up for five minutsand let her talk. He was just using her to get a fame back. Well done Petem u got ur album now and u can just f*** off and jus get over it all. One hit wonder. Pricey team!! Whooop whoop !!!!

  32. Well done Pete you have come out of this smelling of roses with your character & credability intact more than what I can say about your ex wife a real slapper take the blow up tits away & what are you left with not a very nice person

  33. Good for you Pete. Get rid of that "TRASH". Best of luck for the future.By all means, Fight for your children. They are the most precious people in your life!!!!!!

  34. I totally agree with a lot of the views that without Katie he would be absolutely nowhere and he knows it! She was the main focus in the relationship for the press and the TV shows and he often showed his jealous side often sounding like a spoilt child as the attention wasnt on him. Ok a lot of people will call her a slapper and such like but lets face it she has done very well for herself and made a living to support herself and children. Peter is hanging on to the last remenants of his 15minutes of fame there is only so long you can drag out the "Oh woe is me attitude" At the very least he should be grateful to Katie for ressurecting his ailing career instead of slagging her off!

  35. Peter Andre is well rid of Katie Price/Jordan. She is attention seeking trash. She has no scruples. She should have given herself time to heal and bond with herchildren. I have the utmost respect for Peter, he showed he loved Harvey and his natural children .Dwight Yorke is a prat. I like Peter. I wish him happiness and he should fight for the rights to have all his children with hithis includes Harvey

  36. seriously harvey\’s biological father has never had anything to do with him since he was born.. yet pete took him in as if he was his own! i think everyone reads the news now and again, will take some notice to that! pete still loves him dearly. as for alex reid… come on really do u think he would even attempt to adopt those kids? noone ever even heard of that guy until he got with jordan! is some other porn star or what?? give it a few months give or take and she will probably be with someone else! but really kids should take priority! instead of her going out.. i think these kids have to be very confused! if i was there age and keep seeing my mum with someone else.. i would be confused upset and angry.. i hope pete does get rights to adopt harvey! GOOD LUCK! ignore those people with negative comments.. u are a devoting father and i think ur kids will be so proud that u stayed for them!! famous or not… if anyone thinks of using kids as a weapon to upset the other half..they should be locked away!! but u keep strong pete.. and u do what u do best! and that is being a great dad!! 🙂

  37. smile Peter, take no notice of immoral people like kate. She is ready to be a toilette for money. What business does kate has? What achievement has she brought to this world? Has she made an invention that serves the world. She has done nothing but contributed more to the extinction of morals trough showing off fake boobs. . Peter you be thankful to God has freed you from such a brainless cheap tart with no feelings and who constantly seeks attention and more fake fame. You are nothing Jordan. You started as a tart and you will always be. The money you earn at the expense of stupids like you who are interested cheap things is dirty.Peter focus on your children and you should be proud and happy of this priceless break through.

  38. as the song goes shes out of your life she is a disgrace and now she wants another child she is not fit to be called a mum she is a tramp.

  39. Never ever mess with emotions when it comes to children. You only have to look at the media for reports of parents murdering children following relationship breakdowns to understand that.

  40. after reading of the comments from Peter regarding Princess wearing make-up and seeing in Katie\’s programme tonight, Princess wearing a bit of make-up and false eyelashes – this is what young girls do – they love to dress up and make-up – its natural. Whats not natural is cutting a childs hair without both parents knowing about it!!!!! Grow-up Peter

  41. a child of 3 cannot put on false eyelashes, makeup and use straighteners, its being done to them, then filmed for the media, its not natural, its the mothers wishes, either to create a mini barbie or get back at and worry her dad, let children have a childhood and not be preoccupied with appearance, grow up too quick at 8-9yrs, dread to think what she,ll be parading her as then,mini jordan.Think peter is being the more responsible caring and protective parent, although katie price is intelligent and bright in some ways, in others she,s an idiot, there appear to be no lengths she wont go for media attention, no low. The one posative thing is her agreeing to joint custody, although the courts would grant is easily with her behaviour.

  42. What can you say about Katie !! She will be madly in love for now at least !! Don\’t know how long for. Will this marriage last longer than the last one !! Just all about media hype & money making. To be honest I couldn\’t care less who she marries, but am concerned for the lovely children involved & very sad for them.

  43. I feel sorry for the poor kids mixed up in this whole affair, they would be better of with their dad , their mother is a poor example to them,and the make up stunt with the daughter is disgusting exploitation in front of the media.Hope the kid doesnt follow in her mothers sordid footsteps.

  44. I wish Pete the best, he seems like a genuinely nice person & a good father. He looked like he\’s lost a fair amount of weight when I saw him on TV this weekend. Whatever the reason for that, I hope he\’s better soon!!

  45. i have to say this now but im so fed up of this peter and kate crap that i wish they both just go away and raise there kids like other seperated parents have to do. and stop all this media rubbish of who doing the better job. and i wish people wouldn\’t keep buying these rubbish mag full of all this crap it only keeps them high profiled

  46. Pete\’ you are a eat man,your dont derserve jordan at alli know she is the mother of your kids but we all make mistakes and you have made your mistake,i think it was a mistake but hey life goes on.steady get the right woman not people wo want your popularity and who will come and go in an easy will meet the right one.good luck.things will work out

  47. *Fully prepared to be attacked here*Peter is just as publicity hungry as Katie. Its because he is MALE and has an army of adoring female fans who defend everything he does and says he ges away with it. Everything Katie does Peter has to comment on. Oh please! Peter was long forgotten when he met Katie………..I dont see him shunning fame now, he laps it up! Who has used who exactly? If Peter had done what Katie did when they split he would hve been applauded. He wasnt recovering from a miscarriage,he wasnt dumped. Katie must have been under extreme emotional pressure. Ladies who love Peter, hes not a saint. Katie Price is not the devil incarnate. They are BOTH human and they both have bad points as well as good. Saint Peter Andre- get real!

  48. what about you and maddy, im starting to side with katie. he said just last wk in a interview he had no one in his life, he has broken this young girls heart. she thought it was for real c,mon pete your just as bad since last yr u broke yet another girls heart. i think ur a bit off a playboy .


  50. I say that whatever went on is between the two of them and their closed doors – no-one ever truly knows the whole story unless they live it. Peter Andre, I feel, was naive in many ways when he met "Jordan" in the jungle and was duped into becoming a part of a business for her. I believe that she does love her children, but makes mistakes, after all she is only human. When are the general public going to realise that celebrities are just the same as the rest of us it\’s just they air their dirty washing in public – sometimes gladly but at other times against their better judgement. Leave them alone to come to the best solutions for themselves. I know from experience that there is always bitterness when a relationship ends, but only those involved know the real reasons for it!

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