Brad and Angelina to sue News of the World

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are suing News of the World after the tabloid printed they were to separate.

The story, published on January 24, claimed Pitt and Jolie had seen a lawyer to discuss separating their assets (reportedly £205 million) and six children. The couple’s lawyer, Keith Schilling, called the allegations “false and intrusive”. He also claimed the newspaper had not met “reasonable demands” for an apology.

The lawyer named in some publications as the one Pitt and Jolie had seen, Sorrell Trope, released a statement saying they had never met.

The A-list couple made an appearance together at the Superbowl on January 7 – a rare sight, but one to show that they are definitely still together.

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11 thoughts on “Brad and Angelina to sue News of the World

  1. Papers constantly get things wrong anyway. Whenever I read about a serious news article the facts are always different. Example, one paper says 500 died, another says 800. Then the cause is often different as well. When they can\’t get serious news right…..well!! I always take what printed lightly. Gossip seems to sell more than news. You only have to see the mags for women for that. Even those contradict what another cover says.

  2. Why is it men think with the wrong head, and can\’t keep that one in their pants. I wonder if they go around with a pocketful of condoms, or happy to walk away leaving some of the females with unwanted pregnancies. Seems to me they need brainwashing whilst they are at school, and taught not to go dipping their wick all over, sowing their seed, and picking up god knows what diseases. Or are they just so desperate to satisfy their urges.Wonder what they would think if their wives did it back to them. Just remember chaps, what\’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. For god\’s sake, think, and think again before you go and do the dirty on your wives.

  3. My remarks are aimed at all the men who like to put it around, especially the well known sports men ie:- Tiger and Ashley.But if the cap fits then wear it, all you cheating men out there. You all know who you are.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Who really cares about these people ? I am not in the least interested, they are always out to make a fast buck. News of thw World are OK – their newspaper has been around longer than this money grabbing pair & will be long after they have gone

  5. I don\’t understand how everyone can hate Angelina Jolie…the womans done nothing wrong! It takes two to tango, and if Brad Pit fell out of love with Jennifer Aniston, then thats his problem, not Angelinas! She\’s not a bad role model, so whats the issue?

  6. Good i hope the the made up news of the world is sued out of business . Pehaps this will set example to all those news papers who persue these people with there long range lenses , sifting bins ,kiss and tell jornalism . This is reason i do not buy newspapers

  7. Get a grip – they\’re really not a golden couple anymore and all the children they are adopting/giving birth to should be considered far more than they are. Whether they\’re staying together or not I really don\’t give a monkey\’s! The way in which their relationship started was underhand and they should remember that when stories come out about them!

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