Ashley Cole faces sex text claims

The Sun has claimed Ashley Cole is a “liar and sex text cheat” after reportedly sending photos of himself to an unidentified woman, just days after he was revealed to have sent photos of himself to topless model Sonia Wild.

The Chelsea defender and husband of Cheryl Cole has been publicly shamed by the tabloid after intimate pictures made their way onto its pages. It has been reported that in 2008 he sent a number of text messages to a woman at the same time Cheryl was busy working. The explicit messages and images had been saved on the woman’s mobile phone until now.

Just last week, Ashley’s messages to model Sonia Wild were revealed, although he claimed he did not send them and that a friend was to blame.

Cheryl, who is to perform at the Brits this week, reportedly cancelled their Valentine’s Day plans in favour of rehearsals.

Ashley’s reported indiscretions come two years after he was accused of cheating on Cheryl with a hairdresser.

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97 thoughts on “Ashley Cole faces sex text claims

  1. C\’mon Cheryl, when are we going to see you send out some naughty pics and sex texts. I mean why not, if it\’s good enough for the Goose!! And then you can say that your relationship is equal and on solid grounds!!Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

  2. i think that everyman in england would love to be with cherly, shes beautiful sexy if i had a wife like that on my arm which i have why cheat and do sleazy things ashley cole needs his head testing what a wanker!!!.

  3. Cheryl, leave him before you find out he has done something else to shame you. There is more to come out of the woodwork mark my words! He can\’t help it.

  4. Cheryl, come and stay with me and hide from the paps? He\’s def not worth it; the little runt!!! I live in N.Ireland so no one would look for you there 🙂

  5. What the hells wrong with that guy, he has a wife who loves and adores him, who makes her own money and seems like such a lovely person, why can\’t he just behave himself! if i was her i would\’ve kicked him out the minute she found out that he cheated on her with that hairdresser. He can\’t help himself. SHAME ON YOU ASHLEY!!!!!!!

  6. Cheryl,, my heart goes out to you , hes put you through hell and you always stick by him. We can see how much he hurt you when he cheated with Aimee, you lost so much weight and looked really ill!. We all think you should ditch Ashley, once a cheater always a cheater, leave before you find out more things he has done behind you back, you deserve much better than that!. I can\’t get my head around why Ashley would do that sort of thing when he has you!, he must be the luckiest man alive tbh!. I wishh you all the best cheryl, don\’t let him waste your life….there will be someone out there for you better than him. Iluu :)xx

  7. cheryl why waste anymore of your time with this waste of space,its obvious he\’s got a problem and its certainly not you,your way to good for him,he does\’nt deserve you,your a beautiful person inside and out,kick this rat into touch you can do so much better,my heart goes out to you.xxxx

  8. ybe it is because you seem to always be apart, mind you if he wasn\’t a footballer with too much money then nobody would look at im – make your ind up Cheryl before you completely waste your life on such a …………………!

  9. Cheryl is a lovely lady, but why does she put up with this dreadful husband ?? Can\’t be for the money as she is doing OK on her own. Goodness was a waste of space he is. He obviously thinks he is some kind of superstar & can do as he likes. Cheryl my advice is dump him big time & take all you can from him. You are too trusting & genuine & deserve better dear

  10. hi don\’t worthy, she is 10000 times better person,, she need to leave i\’m gonna do wiht my liar husband his been cheating wiht another girl and wiht the money, my heart is broken now but like we said in spain nothing hurts forever… soo bye bye liar..

  11. who cares anyway hes only human he obviously aint gettin what he wants at home hey an y did sonia wild take so long to reveal them money publicity for herself

  12. yet again ashley cole hits with another woman and cheats but is it true?. but is cheryl cole with him to spend time with him or is she busy partying. having a wife like cheryl cole, id want her to be with me as much as se can, shez so beautiful to look atbut when a man needs his mrs next to him and she aint dernother woman will come. and these woman who are have scandals with footballes want publicity and money. if you cant treat your girl right, another man willif you cant treat your man rite, another woman will

  13. he got to be the dumbest guy around if he thought he could this n not get caught..there needs to be some sort of award for dumb guy of the decade..He would win hands down or maybe joint winner with tiger woods.

  14. Howay Cheryle get rid of this two-timing peice of scum. he needs you more than you need him . DUMP THE TOERAG !Ye are a geet canny bonny lass , not like this MINGERof a husband!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. cheryl you can find some one that really loves you,as ashley doesnt if he did he wouldnt of cheated on you the 1st are a great girl dont let him destroy you.loue ya loads.

  16. cheryl should leave him and find a much better man in her life .ashley cole dont deserve cheryl at all your to nice to be hurt cheryl.please dont have a baby by him he wont be a good father hes a play boy .Theres not many people in football likes him , hes very greedy man and a scum bag.

  17. Ashley obviously wants to be dumped which is why he keeps doing these things – as he isn\’t actually straight.Dennis Crabtree…as for calling him a monkey? Language and terms like that are actually seen as Racist Language. You\’re a bigger idiot than Ashley Cole himself!

  18. i think cheryls to good for ashley,1st time round she should of dumped him,once a cheat ………. good they have not got a family yet,hed realy take the mick,move on cheryl,dont be another statistic,your more intelligent than that,you can have your cake and eat it,trust will destroy you anyway ?

  19. Oh my word, what kind of eejit would cheat on Cheryl Cole, when you have one of the most beautiful girls in the world at home how much of a creep do you have to be to go looking elsewhere?I hope she dumps him – fast and permenantly.

  20. I agree with Kerr McCowan, who is really interested in this stuff? Both these people do not listen/read about these comments nor do they care, so why should you lot?

  21. I think ashley is one ugly man. He is probably finding it difficult to accept Cheryls beauty, talent and famousity and is such a low life he feels the need to carry on like a loser. Hopefully she realises she can do lot better than that ugly creature.

  22. me ere him got caught wiv a mobil phone stuck up inside iz aris, is dat tru?Iz bird is ok me spose , til she open her mouth and dat Bo

  23. she\’s a mug she deserves it if his gonna cheat once he\’ll do it again, these are just the ones we know about imagine how many others the dirty dogs been doin!anyway i dunno why these fools get married if they wanna shag about

  24. ROB ur comment… ummm doubt u have much brains urself if ur actually trying to MUG off cheryl.. far from stupid, ashley a dick.. hope he loses everything!!! hes a knob..

  25. no wonder he always cheats! she will forgive him again and again so he knows he can get away with\’s her own fault for staying with him.

  26. Perhaps now she will see him for the cheating idiot he really is and dump his butt pronto! She could have anyone, why stay with a weasel like that. Anyone who humiliates their partner so publicly deserves no sympathy. If she continues to tolerate his indiscretions, it will damage her as a marketable, credible, role model for women.

  27. Most blokes would kill for a wife like Cheryl Cole! Ashley is so pathetic, does he really think his wife, and the world, are that stupid and he can get away with cheating!! Come on Cheryl, you can do so so so much better! DUMP him now and get yourself a worthy husband – Ashley will never change!

  28. Everyone is quick to comment to Cheryl\’s defence, but to be true, noone knows the inside story. What it is like for them living together, how they get on, etc. This sort of thing happens in everyday life with out a blink, but because they are "celebrities" its all the talk. They should be allowed to get on with their lives and problems without any bother. They are just a normal couple at the end of the day.

  29. Let\’s get one thing straight – Cheryl Cole is not beautiful! She\’s a dog ruff mutt who uses a hellavalot of make-up. She\’s also high maintenance and i for one couldn\’t put up with that. Ashley, lay down the law and show her who\’s boss. She\’s got as much class as my last turd.

  30. I\’ve no sympathy for cheryl cole, her husband\’s a dog, she knows it but is obviously prepared to tolerate his behaviour, it\’s not like it\’s the first time…

  31. Is there any particular reason we should give a damn?These people are vacuous non entities who deserve all the garbage their lifestyles send them

  32. Personally I don\’t find Ashley Cole in the least bit attractive !! Maybe it\’s his money that is attractive & not him !! Surprised that Cheryl went for him & even married him WHAT !! Must have been mad & to put up with all the crap he dishes out & embarrassing her continually, about time she dumped him big time & take all the money she can get out of him. He has humiliated her far too often & she needs to get her self respect back.

  33. I heard from Ashley coles neighbours that he his gay! and all of this is a cover up and cheryl just married him for the money and fame. sick huh!

  34. Show me a beautiful woman and il show you a husband who is tired of f*****g her! Beauty doesnt mean that your automatically saved from your husband cheating! Give me an intelectual anyday! (my spelling shite)

  35. lol. Yes i know , she is beautiful, extremely! But does that mean shes good at everything? She could be a twat to live with, crap in bed and be a right messy sod. So does being beautiful cancel everything else out?

  36. YEAH YEAH ashley is so very ugly and cheryl is so beautiful, have you seen cheryl without the hair extension and make-up first thing in the morning?

  37. Ashley Cole is such a dickhead and i hate him. I cant belive he has somone as good as cheryl and goes elswhere, when PLENTY of men in this country would treat her like a queen. When he loses her he\’s gonna want to kill himself and if he goes back to chryl i hope she never takes him back!

  38. She should have dumped him the first time round. If someone cheats, that\’s just who they are & what they are like, whatever excuses they may give. There\’s no point in second chances for cheaters…..move on!!!

  39. AHSLEY COLE IS a STUPID little boy who is yet to turn into a man, What is is he can offer a woman a large MEMBER but no brain or common sense, CHERYL You are Amazingly Beautiful and very very talented and i would have loved you so much better if i was not so much older. Please Cherrl GET RID OF THIS RAT and move on babe you deserve so much better. Take Care Cheryl Love Gareth xx

  40. cheryl get rid of this rat. once a cheat always a cheat at end of day. you are better than that. scrubbers only want him coz of his name and money. leave him to his SCRUBBERS they are all hes good for

  41. OMG y would u cheat on her?!? If i was married to cheryl i\’d do anything to keep her not chuck it all away. Why is she still with him, she deserves better! I dont think it\’s to do with money because Cheryl\’s hardly poor is she? If Cheryl chucks Ashley there would be thousands of men feeling alot happier knowing she\’s single (me being one of them). Come on Cheryl do the right thing dump him and moe on!P.S. Elaine I don\’t know about you but I\’d be pretty pissed off if my partner sended rauncy text messages and semi-naked to naked pictures to another person!LOVE YOU CHERYL!!!!! xXx

  42. its amazing how easily these so called mega stars fall in and out of bed with an assortment of dolly birds, if only they could put as much energy and dedication to our nation game we might well be at the top of the table, think on you stupid man, soon you will be out of the so called mega star status, they wont be lining up for you then, use what little brain that you have and settle down with what you have.

  43. what i moron i cnt believe he went n did tht if it is true any way u cnt believe everything you read the onli 2 ppl tht no whats gone on is ashley n tht girl i would get rid of him nw but oviously u nt guna coz u love the guy god nowz why u do tbh but u do ur amazing n hes gunna be losing a good women if it is true u deserve better than him well tbh u can do loads better than a chelsea footballer i mean come on hes a idiot tbh your gawjuss any man would be lucky to have u why cnt he see that hes a very lucky man to have such a talented girl like you btw i got ur album and its amazing you should of dumped him after the first time but u dint coz u love the guy from sammy smith grimsby lol xxxx

  44. Oh dear.. Betty, just because someone\’s crap in bed doesn\’t cancel everything else out either and DOES NOT give someone the right to cheat. Is that all people think about nowadays? Sex? Now, I may only be 15 years old, but I seriously doubt that sex is the "be-all end-all". I don\’t really like Cheryl, but she doesn\’t deserve such a cheating rat. He obviously only cares about sex. She deserves someone who likes her for her mind too, not just her body! Never trust someone who\’s taken advantage of your trust or stabbed you in the back. Move on.

  45. I actually think Ashley Cole is gay, and his constant texting and sleeping around, is his way of trying to prove to himself and others, that he is straight. Why else would he risk losing Cheryl Cole, unless of course, he knows she has no self respect and will keep coming back for more. In which case, she deserves it.

  46. Whoever the other women is she’s a slut and it’s a joke that she expects people to feel sorry for her the only feeling people should have for is disgust as for Ashley he alas was a scumbag. Why would anyone cheat on a women as gorgeous as Cheryl dump the chump best wishes cherly You deserve better

  47. Dump him love! I had 22 years with a philanderer and had so many ups and downs I may as well have lived at Alton Towers! Get a nice , honest bloke. Love to you .

  48. no-one deserves to be cheated on but has anyone ever considered that cheryl cole might not be as nice as she likes u to believe she is!! and as the saying goes trick me once shame on you trick me twice shame on me she keeps letting him get away with cheating. she should just pack her bags and ditch the scumbag.

  49. Double standards indeed.I do not condone Ashely cole\’s philandering.But why is it that if its Terry people say leave him\’its his own private business\’ but if its Cole "hey baby,leave him".This is hypocritical indeed.My Opinion is the same Yardstick must go for all.

  50. Unfortunately yes, it seems everything has to do with sex Alexandra, thats my point! Every paper you look in has something to do with cheating. What i meant was, being beautiful wont ever stop someone cheating on you, there`s so much more to it (if your a bloke).I really like Cheryl, she was raised in same as area as me, beautiful woman, done really well for herself but the sad fact is…famous or beautiful? It doesnt matter, you still get shit on. x

  51. Can anybody not see that it\’s all a cover up? He\’s GAY!! The whole marriage and affairs are purely for publicity. Apparantley heard Cheryl is seeing somebody else too (but obviously has to keep it under wraps so that nobody finds out about her gay husband). Ashley just admit it! Why be gay if you\’re ashamed?

  52. Because being gay isnt a choice, apparently your born gay! I dont think hes gay, he just cant keep the snake locked in his pants! Hes a twat!

  53. cheryl my ex did this 2 me the week it came out about ur man 2years ago & i stayed with him cus i loved him but i could never trust him again so 6months ago i finished with him after 7years no matter how i tryed i could never ever trust him as much as i loved him i had 2 let go its just not worth it,& 4 the sluts hes txt i hope cheryl bumps in2 u slaggggggggggs

  54. Ashleyy probablyy hass thee prettiestt woman in thee worldd an he choosess to cheatt on herrr :S IDIOTTT!!! An whatt do youu mean we dontt knoww whatt cherylss reallyy likee? Ann whatt do youu finkk shess reallyy likeee? x

  55. Do not be a fool Cheryl, a leopard does not change its spots. He just likes playing away. Him and Terry are cheats. Football should not have cheats

  56. When will this scatty bird realize he is a "DOG"? It\’s not counselling they want, they need their head\’s banging together. And then she needs to give him the \’Newcastle-Kiss\’. Or better still, get Hulk Hogan to do a propper job on him.

  57. He\’s got the most beautiful girl on this planet…what the hell is wrong with this guy. That rat in his pants needs a rat trap!!

  58. she should only take him back if he signs an agreement to never fool arround again and if he breaks it then he loses half his money and half his future earnings. that way he gets none of hers and loses out if he strays. sometimes it\’s money that talks or scares people!! if they have issues then talk before you stray because you lose your rights after the deed is done.

  59. i can\’t believe that she would take him back after the all the humiliation she has suffered. By taking him back only gives him an invitation to go and do it all over again because he knows she will keep taking him back. She seriously needs to wake up, get rid of him and get together with someone who would appreciate her for who she is and leave that t**t in the gutter where he belongs

  60. NOT ALL MEN, but LOAFDS play away when the cats away. let him be. he needs a wife and lots of attention, and she needs a husband and lots of attention. MOVE ON.

  61. it is not a fact that she or he need a lot of attention, but to be loyal and respct each other , and that R-T of Ashley does not have either. Both have a busy life, she is not to be blamed for working hard, and have little time with her husband, because he new that she leaded a busy life. Cheryl girl, you are not to blame , and do Not take him back because he is going to do it again and again and again. as for Lilly Allen ? wrrrrr.

  62. Betty!!!, apparently is not a snake but a little caterpilar that he got inside his pants. That what i was told

  63. dont put anything in the papers and let them sort themselfs out if it works it works they must like hurting each other

  64. well you shouldve told me you didnt like her and i wouldnt have bought you her album sara.she doesnt deserve to be treated like shit by a man have you never been treated like shit by a man-remember how you felt?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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