Ashley Cole ‘slept with text girl’ says Sun

The Sun has reported that Ashley Cole has slept with the woman with whom he was sharing illicit texts.

The secretary, who has requested to stay anonymous for fear of losing her job, told The Sun she met Ashley in a hotel and slept with him on two separate dates. The pair had been corresponding via text messages for a while before meeting, she claimed.

Last week it was also reported the footballer had been sending explicit photos to topless model Sonia Wild.

The Sun quotes the unidentified secretary, 30, as saying: “He never once mentioned Cheryl’s name. The papers at the time were saying he and Cheryl were starting a family, but he skirted around that – he said kids would change your life so much.”

Ashley’s infidelities reportedly took place in late 2008 while Cheryl was busy with X Factor and just months after hairdresser Aimee Walton claimed she had slept with the Chelsea defender. Cheryl didn’t wear her wedding ring for months following the initial indiscretions, but she had since claimed she doesn’t regret standing by her man.

Ashley is yet to comment on the allegations.

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54 thoughts on “Ashley Cole ‘slept with text girl’ says Sun

  1. I wonder if this woman was paid by the sun to make her allegations? Surely anyone could say anything under those circumstances?? I would take all this with a massive pinch of salt…. If it is true then he\’s the most stupid man on earth, not only because he\’s been unfaithful to the \’nations new sweetheart\’ and hurt his wife, but because he would blatently get caught- surely no-one is that stupid….??

  2. o god here we go again, in a show that ashley and cheryl done a few years ago she said if he ever cheated on her that would be it, no second chances, but she must love him and be mad about him to forgive him for cheating on her, she has built her own empire up of her own back and never wanted to be called a wag, so why does\’nt her management company get her to wise up and get rid of that scum she\’s married to, what she see\’s in him il never no, she is beautiful and she is brill on xfactor and girls aloud and all of the other things she does, and by staying with him she will loose all the fame she now has, i have to admit i didn\’t like her because of the time she hit that woman, but i love girls aloud, then she became a judge on xfactor and she worked her lovely bum off on that, so that\’s when we all seen a different side to cheryl, she does\’nt like all other footballers wifes and girlfriends need to hang on to thier guys, she has always stood on her own to feet and has not forgot were she came from so cheryl get rid of that cheating scumbag and get someone who will love and respect you, because he\’s is going to wreck your hard earned fame which you have built on your own.

  3. I agree with both Suzi and Jack why wasn\’t the woman named. I\’m getting sick and tired of these women coming out with stories is it because they can ake money or get a little bit of fame. If they knew who they were sleeping with then they must have known they were married so why stoop so low as try to wreck a marriage

  4. This guy is sooo stupid it\’s unreal!!! He needs to step up and realise and make a statement, even if it\’s just to deny the rumours!!!I feel sorry for Cheryl and I never liked the prat anyway!!! Stick by your bandmates Cheryl and dump the loser and find someone who will respect you for who you are and isn\’t seeking attention by sleeping around!!!

  5. i have no sympathy for cheryl. shes always going to let it slide again and again so he knows he can always get away with it.maybe he\’s pushing his luck, but i doubt she\’ll ever leave him.

  6. How stupid is this man?? How stupid are the other two women? How Stupid is Cheryl?The Answer? VERY!!!!! You would think that because he is married both him and the other women would leave well alone. The women know exactly what they are doing and I think that this secretary should either stfu or…. lose the anonymity.

  7. Ditch him Cheryl, for a start his brain can\’t be functioning properly, and secondly marriage is a commitment to be faithful and he can\’t seem to be that. He will always cheat on you one way or another…must be something about Chelsea footballers!

  8. they say once a cheat always a cheat, she should listen to her mum and her bandmates that she calls her sisters and get rid of him i mean ashley i used to love him as i support chelsea but hes bang out of order

  9. This guy is such a s***bag like his fellow team mate(s) no wonder footballers are being named and shamed.They are overpaid morons about to put our World Cup chances in freefall.The England Manager, with his high morals and views on marriage, has a major problem in the coming months.

  10. Footballers are all the same, too much money and not enough brains. This so called "Man" wants dropping from a very tall building let a loan a football club. They make me sick and the women that throw themselves at these blokes deserve all they get.

  11. here we go again another football star at it . why did she take him back the first time well it all to do with money and nothing else. he is the ugly and im sorry she knew he was never going to be faithful but she took him back and now here come all the ladys out of the wood work to revel all the dirty details of the quick bunk ups. well all i can say is dump him and don\’t look back because he is never going to change

  12. I did say in a comment yesterday that there was no smoke without fire and that there was more to come after the text saga. Leave him Cheryl before he drags you down with him.

  13. i think the papers are out to get poor ashley and when they want to get you they do, still who really knows what went on or is going on with poor cashley,,ithink they should leave him alone for the sake of cheryl

  14. why does this tart not want named, she should b, god sake leave our ashley alone, this tart knows who he is, doesnt say much for her, she knows he married, the whole damm world knows he married to cheryl

  15. Oh what short memories you all have. I recall a time when Cheryl hit a black toilet attendant and called her a "Jigaboo". Funnily, she then went on to marry a "jigaboo" and he\’s messed her around ever since. Payback maybe? The media have done a fine job at trying to re-invent Cheryl Cole but truth be told she is a working class geordie and a racist. The only reason she overlooked her husband\’s "jigaboo" status was because when they got together he earned more, was more famous and she thought she could climb the ladder of fame. I find the whole thing quite funny.

  16. how rediculous the secretary wants annonymity yet is quite happy to ruin another family and wreck his career. Takes two to tango, she is just as guilty as him. She should be named and shamed as well. Amsure she was happy enough to take the money for the story, how low is that!!!

  17. Cheryl you not gonna read this but you are a beautiful woman whon deserves soo much better than a two faced cheating liar like Cole.He don\’t want to start a family because he hasn\’t grown up and don\’t seem to like responsibility you should finish him and find someone who deserves you and start a family with that person.Anyway hope you make the right choice.

  18. CLEO ANDERSON watever your name is why bring it up huh? i mean she was found not guilty for the racist comment that was supposed to have been said gee leave the poor girl alone and dont you think if she was racist she would be with ashley? no didnt thinksso, so shes clearly not racists.

  19. Ashley cole looks devious, and he obviously is, not even attractive in his undercrackers, no david beckham. Cheryl could have her pic of men, she should find someone she can trust to have her wanted child with, if she,s any sense it wont be a footballer.

  20. Mr. Cole has got too much, too soon. He`s got everything and it`s still not enough. Cheryl IS too good for the pratt! Leave him and his dick, Cheryl, there`s plenty more gold fish out there. Decent, as well.

  21. Its clearly over for those two.Cheryls always working and busy with her career and Ashleys neglected.Footballers are easy targets for women/girls so he has temptation everywhere. Not saying he\’s right,he\’s not. But there\’s 2 in the marriage and it doesnt matter how fit Cheryl is….if she\’s not around.

  22. He is a defender right ? If he was a decent defender he would make sure the other side don\’t get past his balls ! Just can\’t understand the mentality of him … he has a beautiful partner and a great future … i guess Cheryl should release a single called \’you have to fight for your balls !\’ … thats if he still has them .

  23. If this is true it will mean that Ashey Cole is a low-life who doesn\’t deserve Cheryl. Cheryl is a lovely girl who doesn\’t deserve been cheated on by yet another footballer that can\’t keep it in their pants. I\’ve met several and they ARE all the same. Think they\’re Gods gift and are stunned when they are turned down.

  24. Cheryl deserves better than this, Chelsea should sack his a** too, if they can remove Terry\’s armband for bringing disgrace to the team, then Ashley should be treated the same.. I am a Chelsea fan lol… Replace him with a better player!!!!

  25. BOVVERED?This is front page news???Do me a favour. Who cares who is sh@gging who?!It goes on every single day in real life.I am sure there are things far more newsworthy, than THIS!!!

  26. serish shah(Available)wrote: Cheryl is so beautifull and genuinely a very nice person- very down to earth. She does a wonderful job on the xfactor and is a pleasure to watch. She is doing a great job with her solo career and i wish her all the best in making it big outside of the UK aswell which she is more than capable of doing. She is the nations sweetheart and i dont no anybody who has a bad thing to say about her. You people that do are either on medication or blind. Leave her alone – if you should criticize anybody it should be that gorilla that she is unfortunately married to (and i dont mean that in a racist way). Cheryl love, i believe you could do so much better. Men would que up just to see you and i bet they would trade their right arm to get to even have a converstaion with you. It is not your fault that Ashley is such a lying, ugly scumbag who obviously doesnt now what he is putting on the line. If he can risk your relationship then he doesnt deserve you. He needs to grow up (and so do his team mates). Dump him and find someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Find someone who strives to put that gorgeous smile on your pretty face. Find someone who puts you first and not their disgusting habits… who makes you happy. Cherly, do us all a favour and find that special someone and just carry on doing what you are doing, we couldnt ask for anything more. All we want to see is you living your life without any marital worries or stress and hopefully, one day God willing, you will have a lovely family with kids just as stunning as you. God bless, we love you

  27. this alledgedley happened two years ago why print this now?also if this woman isso keen to put the boot in then surely she should be named and shamed after all it takes two to tango

  28. cheryl your far 2 good 4 ashley he doesnt deserve you get out b4 any kids come along if you havnt got trust theres nothing no 1ns perfect i no that but he just keeps hurting you now 2yrs ago or in 2yrs 2 come dont wait 4 it 2 happen again go girl go go go n i wish you ll the luck in the world not that you need it your beautiful in every wayxx

  29. If its true I gotta think Ash Cole has to seek medical advice from a mental institute. Any guy that has a women as seriously gorgeous,sexy ,smart, speaks with the only decent accent in UK , likes beer and football to wake up to each morning and then risks that by dipping his wick elsewhere has got to have a serious mental problem.

  30. I think they are both cheating on each other – why else would she still be with him!! Any decent woman would have had him packed the first time he cheated…

  31. I just hink its time she let him go, clearly his a cheat and she deserves much better.Im free and available 😀 cherylllllAny how on a serious note, yes, like the saying goes.. A leopard spots dont change, in this case he will always cheat on her.

  32. Well \’no name\’ what a nasty comment to write on here. Some women do stay in a relationship despite whatever happens, it doesn\’t mean Cheryl is cheating as you insinuate! When has she had any bad PR with regard to her cheating??? He is just a cheat and she deserves much better.

  33. As a Chelsea Fan I do Beleive He is chasing too many Trophies and should perhaps Sign for The Toon after The World Cup if there is any truth in these infidelities.

  34. So we have Tiger Woods kicking off with the trend, shortly followed by John Terry and now this stupid t***t Cole. Good or bad publicity they are still al making money out of it so should we feel sorry for ANY of the involved!!! Oh poor old Cheryl, boo hoo!!!! There are millions of men that would be queuing up for a chance wiv her so whats the bloody problem!!!!! Move on love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. HA! wot does Cheryl, victoria & even her band mate Nadine have in common? 1.Their all Twigs, 2.they were all cheated on. 3.All ther men cheated on them wiv a Curvy woman!!! It mite be ok for models, But men want real women! Men like bums, boobs & something to hold onto! Eat some meat Cheryl, all 3 of them were not skinny before they were famous. Have a look at all the celeb affairs the other women is always inshape!!!!!!!!!!

  36. hi everyone, u all are forgetting their marriage vow i know they both agreed that for better for worse in health and in sickness and the rest till death do them if he is willing to go for marriage counselling and therapy then she should forgive him though it would take time but nothing is err is human but to forgive is divine..if Jesus christ forgave his persecutors then what of we who are just human(s)?.take a look at kobe bryant the basketballer his wife stood by him through out his ordeal..and for that he can never cheat on her again..if she still loves Ashley she would put things aside for now if not for anything but for marriage vows not in support of what he did.. but people make mistakes and need to make amend..she needs to stay with him to make sure he doesnt repeat it..they could both go for the counselling and see where they have both erred it could help alot..if they both come back together i wish them all the best..lets not be judgemental on this issue..they can succeed if they work it out as one..they should forget the fame and think of the future if they love eachother very much.. N.B am not a chelsea fan but i remember him in Arsenal.May God bless them..wish them all the best..hope Cheryl can still find a place in her heart to forgive him despite all this…i knw she is under stress but she has to still fight for their love no matter what.i love that song..take care..

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