Lily Allen versus Courtney Love

Lily Allen is no stranger to celebrity feuds, and it seems the outspoken singer is now in a war of words with the one and only Courtney Love.

It was reported in The Mirror the pair clashed after the NME Awards on Wednesday. Courtney was allegedly rattled with Lily for ‘locking down’ some Chanel dresses, meaning she couldn’t wear them herself at the Brit Awards a week earlier, and had Tweeted her annoyance.

At their most recent meeting at the NME Awards, it was reported Courtney and Lily had to be separated after a furious screaming match. However, Lily has since denied these claims on her Twitter page:

“Just clearing a couple of things up. Courtney Love and I did NOT have a bust up at the NME’s.” 

She finished up her Twitter rant with cutting words: “I would never fight with her, as a rule I don’t pick on crazy old ladies.”

Ouch! We wonder what Courtney has to say about that? We can’t wait for her reply.

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9 thoughts on “Lily Allen versus Courtney Love

  1. It is suchs a shame that Lily gets in these scrapes. She is without doubt one of the best comedic singers of our time. She just shouldn\’t take herself so seriously.

  2. Everybody makes amistake but cheryl,give it another chance, marriage is always difficult and nobody on earth is 100 percent correct, and learn your weaknesss

  3. Who gives a damn what Lily Allen has to say, I cant believe I have just read such utter rubbish and wasted my time typing this ; (

  4. cheryl was too good for ashley anyway , look at her and then look at him, maybe he knew it was never gonna last because of this and thought hey why not, might aswell cheat. i never thought they looked right together, hes way more suited to that amy walton girl he cheated with!same league!

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