Report: Cheryl and Ashley to have counselling

The Daily Mail has reported that Cheryl Cole has agreed to have counselling sessions with husband Ashley, despite his alleged infidelities.

Last week the distraught singer publicly announced she was separating from her husband of three and a half years. However, she has now reportedly ‘given in’ to Ashley’s pleads for another chance and will go with him to see a marriage counsellor.

Cheryl is said to be feeling partly to blame for the problems in their rocky marriage. Along with Ashley’s suspected four indiscretions with other women, Cheryl reportedly feels she has not been a good enough wife due to her busy career as an X Factor judge and singer, and that all of these factors have lead to the breakdown of their relationship.

In 2008, Cheryl went back to Ashley after it was reported he slept with hairdresser Aimee Walton. Will she really go back to him this time, or is it game over for the Coles?

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100 thoughts on “Report: Cheryl and Ashley to have counselling

  1. I wonder if we shall soon have a new soap based on these two pathetic people and their footie and catterwauling mates. Just one thing that all this twaddle does, for which I\’m am most grateful, and that is that it keeps the appaling Beckham woman out of the papers.

  2. Forgot to say…..Cheryl says she is partly to blame.Sorry, but this isn\’t the first time and so many battered wives have said exactly the same.Always a great exuse to blame someone else and always good to accept it is partly your fault so you can take them back.Cheryl is a woman in love so she isn\’t thinking straight at all and sadly she will take him back again and again and again as so many women do.

  3. Stupid "little" girl has nothing between her ears when it comes to men. He will do it again. A leopard does not change it\’s spots, you change it for a different one. Wake up Cheryl and smell the coffee, all the flowers he has bought you was to hide his imature ways, believe me i am a man, been there done that, if he really loved you and he had some grey matter inside his hollow head he would never have had the thoughts to do what he did in the first place. What a prick. Now little girl cheyrl, stay with the stupid prick and make a fool of your self if you haven\’t done so already. You are wasting your time fighting for this love. You will never trust him again if he goes out, you will always be wondering. Smell the coffee Cheryl. You want someone to love you unconditionally, find someone who is not a footballer for starters, like me lol, i\’m handsom but not rich. What ever you do don\’t fall pregnant, it has never worked.


  5. she is either too naive or too stupid, if she thinks its her fault. dump him!!!! you can do better then \’that\’!!

  6. All respect to Cheryl for not giving up, if they can get thru it great, theres too many people give up on marriage when it could be saved.

  7. Women are programmed to take the blame for things that others do…. in that respect Cheryl is acting like so many other women who say they feel they contributed to the bad things that others do to them. I think Cheryl could do with counselling – but alone, and for herself. Apparently she still feels that she loves this man, whereas it is really just co-dependency. She needs to look into herself further, respect herself and refuse to be treated this way by anybody. She clearly has issues around insecurity and he is the type to take advantage of that… I hope she is being supported by others who can help boost her self image, and who encourage her to seek further personal strength. And kick this loser to the curb! Let him work on his own failing, by his own self.

  8. Stupid "little" girl has nothing between her ears when it comes to men. He will do it again. A leopard does not change it\’s spots, you change it for a different one. Wake up Cheryl and smell the coffee, all the flowers he has bought you was to hide his imature ways, believe me i am a man, been there done that, if he really loved you and he had some grey matter inside his hollow head he would never have had the thoughts to do what he did in the first place. What a prick. Now little girl cheyrl, stay with the stupid prick and make a fool of your self if you haven\’t done so already. You are wasting your time fighting for this love. You will never trust him again if he goes out, you will always be wondering. Smell the coffee Cheryl. You want someone to love you unconditionally, find someone who is not a footballer for starters, like me lol, i\’m handsom but not rich. What ever you do don\’t fall pregnant, it has never worked.

  9. Du!!! What private life??????? they have aired all of their dirty washing out on the line for all to read and see!!! I say let them get on with it…….it appears they deserve each other!!!

  10. Dont blame yourself is he making you feel guilty? He must be very controlling for you to think like that, remember he was the one who cheated on you and it was not the first time. I have also been in this situation and my mum died the same week and life could not have got any worse for me. I could have easily took him back but I never. You have youth and beauty on your side but sadly the years go so quick and before long you could end up old and single like me. Dont waste your life on this man , you have got your pick unlike alot of us and you obivously would like a family. By its your life and whatever you decide I wish you every happiness xxx

  11. KUDOS Cheryl!! You\’ve really prove to the world that you are a True Ideal Woman with loads of wisdom.I\’ll always vote you Number One.Remember Hillary Clinton did same.Keep your man and don\’t ever give any other man the chance.You a true model for the generation to come.My 21 Gun Salute xxx!!!

  12. DON\’T DO IT ASHLEY!!!! let her go, she\’s not worth it despite what her hair adverts say. You\’ve got the chance to get away from the geordie tart now so do it and have your fun without her mum hanging around outside the bathroom door, or Simon Cowell slipping her a portion on X-Factor. If you beg her to come back Ash you will regret it big time, you had affairs for a reason and that reason was she just wasnt fulfilling your manly needs. Once a bird turns dry-its time to fly! If you got back Ashley you are a bigger muppet than Kermit.

  13. My god you mindless people.Rules in a society with no morals?Sex with anybody anytime is ok, then you set a line,called marriage.where sex is now a new way of life,you no longer have sexual needs,but sexual commitments.You are now the equivalent of a camel.that stores up it\’s sexual feeling until the appropriate time.Bad habits are hard to with this ring I do turn you from a rabbit into a camel?Sex is an addiction.that is hard to break.stop treating it like it is a tap,that can be turned off,and on to suit.

  14. Fair play to you…..i expect somewhere down the line things would be tricky…considering you are both extremely busy. You need to make time for the marriage…if that\’s what you really want. Good luck to you…Hope it works out for you both!!!

  15. Ashley needs a sex therapist not a marriage counsellor. He is immature and jealous of his wife. He feels ecliped by her fame on X Factor and the USA. His reponse? Affairs to gain attention. Result? A wife with low self esteem taking the blame. Respect is a two-way street, Ashley does not have it and Cheryl needs to find it. Ashley is emotionally abusing Cheryl and is brilliant at making her feel guiltly and taking the blame. Cheryl wake up! You can do better than this low life who does not love or respect you. Find someone else, there are plenty out there who can. Feel the fear and do it.

  16. To make a marriage work, you both have to work at it. Cheryl Cole is commendable for giving her marriage another chance, but Ashley Cole does seem to be a serial adulterer and I hope that she is not disappointed again.

  17. Get e grip girl. Once a cheat ALWAYS a cheat. He will never change no matter what u do or dn\’t do. GET RID QUIKLY.

  18. he will never change – they dont – none of them – if you go back it will be on your head – there will be no sympathy next time!

  19. Cheryl I admire you so much admitting you could be partly to blame,what a girl! and amid all this rhubarb, what a cool mind,He wanted to commit to you,,yes?he still wants to,yes?Get together try to reach an agreement.You are beautiful people,this experience could be life enchancing.Or the start of a quest for happiness .I feel sorry for you have so much positive stuff in your lives.But all this negative stuff,comes with the territory you chose to live in.Just two sides of the coin.

  20. cheryl you silly girl(that is from a fellow geordie) thats what they do make you feel as though your to blame.i have been there and i assure you he will never change.Cheryl you deserve much much better get rid but i know you will not.Many years later like me you will realise how many years you have wasted on a waster.Moira.

  21. Stupid "little" girl has nothing between her ears when it comes to men. He will do it again. A leopard does not change it\’s spots, you change it for a different one. Wake up Cheryl and smell the coffee, all the flowers he has bought you was to hide his imature ways, believe me i am a man, been there done that, if he really loved you and he had some grey matter inside his hollow head he would never have had the thoughts to do what he did in the first place. What a prick. Now little girl cheyrl, stay with the stupid prick and make a fool of your self if you haven\’t done so already. You are wasting your time fighting for this love. You will never trust him again if he goes out, you will always be wondering. Smell the coffee Cheryl. You want someone to love you unconditionally, find someone who is not a footballer for starters, like me lol, i\’m handsom but not rich. What ever you do don\’t fall pregnant, it has never worked.

  22. I\’m not a big fan of Cheryl Cole, but far from calling her stupid or foolish I actually think she\’s doing a very smart and mature thing. She\’s not rushing straight into a divorce, she\’s taking the marriage seriously but not giving up on it so quickly just because every Tom Dick and Harry who reads the tabloids is telling her she should, and she\’s admitting that there were other factors in the marriage beside ashley\’s cheating that need addressing.I don\’t personally think she should get back with him, but good on her for taking her time and exploring all her options before running to the courts.

  23. Cheryl sorry to say, your getting like Katie 1/2 Price ,your going too public with your life, get it sorted out ,which ever way you go,keep it private,I\’d just like to pick up a news-paper one day and read your back to-gether or your divorced but don\’t go on parade with your life. your too nice for that.

  24. As much as you love your mum you have only been married 3 and a half years and she has lived with you for 2 of them, 2 is company 3 is a crowd springs to mind. lets face it really who wants to live with their mother in law especially when they have just got married. its supposed to be the pair of you against the world not cheryl and ashley and mum. she should buy her a nice apartment down the road. and then spend the time her and ashley have together TOGETHER

  25. once a cheat always a cheat, how many chances can she give him, move on and find someone who will treat you and your career with respect

  26. stick to your hair advert 5 problems i solution ashley cole get rid of him hes seems to be a sex addict and will never change and you are worse than him if you give him another chance how many has he done it with before what she doesnt no about ?

  27. when she does that advert and says; dull, limp, lifeless, i thought she was talking about her singing, lol. anyway about her divorce its f**king boring, do anyone actually give a s**t?

  28. cheryl if you want to give your marriage another go,you go for it , dont let other people put you of, and good luck to you

  29. What a stupid, stupid girl. Obviously another WAG airhead with no concept of what goes on in the real world. She\’s pretty enough to have the pick of the bunch yet she stays with this waster who inevitably, once the mother-in-law has wound him up again, will be sending photo\’s of his jock strap to the News of the World in a few months time.

  30. His whinging is emotional abuse. Shame me once-shame on you shame me twice-shame on me. But i would get rid of your mother in the house its not good by any standards-whatever the size of your house

  31. I agree that they should have counselling – not necessarily to get back together but to put some closure on the issues that have lead to this in private. Only the two of them know what is really going on behind closed doors – the rest is supposition by those who want to stick their noses in. I feel sorry for both of them – he\’s a donkey that needs to grow up, she is a woman in love who has been terribly hurt and misled. Just bear in mind Cheryl, you gave him back your trust only to have it thrown back at you again – can you go through that pain again? Why shouldn\’t you be successful in your own right, if he was a "real" man he would be able to handle it and support you as well as continuing with his own career.

  32. Stupid woman ! The likes of him and John Terry who think they are gods and can do what they like will continue doing so over and over as they already have so long as they have the good little wifey at home that allows them to

  33. You pathetic, weak woman – stop wasting our time. You deserve all you get – because he\’ll be laughing at you now, (along with his mates) knowing he can do it again and again, and you havent got the self-respect or courage to stop him and get rid of him. You\’re a disgrace to women.

  34. Yes of course your partly to blame! after all you have been an awfull WIFE! you did not love him enough,care enough,do enough for him.GET REAL CHERYL he is a fillanderer no amount of you being a goo wife could have,would have,should have or will have stopped him.Many beautifull women out there throwing themselves at him all the time,short of putting him on a leash,following him everywhere even to the toilet and staying with him 24 hours a day will ever prevent him from from playing a round.Do yourself and him a favour and get out now B4(god forbid) you have a baby!!!!

  35. You are no way to blame for any of this, you where brought up to be an independent women with her own mind and voice, what message will you send out to many other women unfortunate like yourself to have been involved with a player, like many of them his game should be over but doing this just puts it on pause, till again you have your interests that he should be proud of and supporting not playing the field hes a waste of your time babe dont waste what you have achieved so far. good wishes to give you strenght to see the light

  36. oh god i cant believe she is even giving him time of day! get out before you lose another ten years wasted on such a low life! get real girl!!

  37. dont waste your time on him – if he has not valued the commitment he made to you before, how do you know he will do it now – and how much of your life are you going to give him. get your own. xxxxx

  38. what a fool let her reap what she sows,cmon once is bad enuf and its like people in violent relationships they think they deserve to be hit or it was their fault,am sorry did like cheryl cole but now she has to take the blinkers off.once a cheater always a cheater

  39. Oh my god,i cant believe cheryls even considdering going back with him and having counselling.if he can keep it in his pants after 3 and half yrs of marriage then wen will he????she cant blame her busy lifestyle as Ashley new all that before he married her.Cheryl theres plenty more fish in the sea

  40. Cheryl – can\’t believe you will put your neck back into the guillotine just waiting for it to be chopped off again. Wake up girl – do not take on his bad behaviour as your fault – he is an adult – he took the action now he must suffer the consequences – move on. Pat

  41. At least now Cheryl u r taking some of the blame. Ashley was wrong but yeah u were partly to blame putting your own wants before your husband. Maybe you should take a beak and concentrate on what made you happy in the first place – Ashley x

  42. Cheryl keep your man all the jealous ones wants to see you separated all relationships go through some kind of rocky moments (chakapfukidza dzimba matenga) meaning dont let others decide or you especially the lying newspapers who want only to make money about your story prove them wrong.

  43. Get a grip Cheryl, you are much too good for him. I\’m sure you can find a real man out there who will treat you with respect. PLEASE DUMP HIM. You know he will do it again he can\’t help himself he is a PRAT.

  44. i cant believe you have done that cheryl. i cant believe that you keep giving in to him. he will do exactly the same thing again. you deserve better than him xxx

  45. Well, that just proves how much women think with their heart instead of their brains!!! He will NEVER CHANGE!! He knows like a little child, that if he pleads and sobs enough, you will always give to them, and will keep on doing that cause he can and will get away with it, time and time again. Its not your fault Cheryl, you\’re entitled to a career!! You didnt cheat, when he not there for you. He is a weak man and you deserve better

  46. I am surprised at how many people are on here offering advice for Cheryl Cole. I don\’t think she actually goes on to the computer to read all the \’advice\’ from her fans. I can\’t believe how idolised she is. The whole situation – boring much?

  47. cheryl,we all thought you were a strong woman,alas you will never learn,he will never change.All these women behind your back.All the lies and deciet,how can you look at him knowing he\’s been unfaithfull to you.Get some self esteam woman.Get rid of the load,if you take him back then you deserve the pain.

  48. At the end of the day Cheryl and Ashley are in the media and are famous people! Cheryl should do what she feels is right none of us do not know what goes on behind closed doors! I dont think what Ashley has done is right however, i agree how can you keep a loving relationship and marriage togeather days and days apart, none of this is Cheryls fault but if they can work it out and she still loves him than i am all for it!!! Good Luck Cheryl x

  49. I will be the most happy man on earth should they come together again, they really meant for each other, but sometimes devil doesn`t like go things to last. Ashley should be blamed this i know, and i`m strongly believed that he will not mess himself up again. Cheryl is a virtuous and hardworking woman that deserves every respect from Ashley.

  50. Cheryl, do not listen to anyone, listen only to your heart. There are only two people who can decide what is what and that is you and Ashley. As they say, it takes two to Tango….and only you and your husband can decide if your marriage is worth saving! Only you and Ashley can make it work. It\’s bad enough for anyone to have problems in their marriage but for you guys it must be terrible because you are in the public eye so much, not good. But remember….\’Fight for this Love\’ I wish you well. xxxx

  51. hahaha this is a joke!!! cheryl has just found ashley cheating again n is oing to let him get away with it again!!?? i no it can b hard wen u love sumone but does she hav no self respect at all?? he ill always cheat he has had mre than one chance, n in the future he ill cheat agen as yano men lyk him cannot resist temptation, if cheryl takes him bk now she will just luk lyk such a doormat! she needs sum self respect its embarrassing, he will onli break her heart agen, n i dnt think rachel is a tit lesley, as she made a good point on lady gaga being an amazing singer and performer well beter dan cheryl, she didnt even sing live at the brits as she cant sing! lady gaga was amazing, and has her on style, and she was right about calling her a mug as she will b a mug if she takes him bk!

  52. this is fuckin shit .. she is stunning and he is just a cheat once a cheat always will be .. if hes slept with someone else whilst he is married to cheryl he must be insane ..but then again so was she taking for taking him back after the first rumours of his infedility ..she can do way better and all the stuff thats been said thats shes scared to be alone.. i highly doubt she would be for long..whereas he should have a miserable lonely life to repay for breaking his marriage vows..theres no excuse.. and she shouldn\’t feel like its partly her fault they both knew how busy their own jobs are that isn\’t a reason to cheat just because one of you isn\’t getting enough attention .. GRRRR really winds me up that she might give him another chance he doesn\’t deserve it the wanker..she should have more respect for herself taking back someone that publicly humiliates her and breaks her heart repeatedly.

  53. he has obviously played the poor boy left at home routine and being neglected. If she is stupid enough to believe he will change then i\’m afraid she deserves everything that he has done ANDwill do in the future. This is the second time he\’s been found out, how many more times does he have to do this before she wakes up. What about the ones he\’s not been found out about. You can bet your last penny that there are more from the past and will be in the future. He\’s getting away with it because she swallows his lies completely.

  54. Not that she\’s likely to read these posts but still say – what a dozy mare!! Have a bit of respect woman and go it alone.

  55. Well its good to see love overcome a few cockups and your my kind of girl one with a brain unlike so many thick bitches who want to rule the world,yes it ant right shaggin around if your wed but it happens to most people and im glad you got sence to follow your heart and not your ego,life ant easy im afraid were all in need of a break at times but united youll stand forever !!!!

  56. Are you kidding me? She should know better than that ffs…if it was with one person sure you could understand but gimme me a break!! Is she really that stupid to even consider taking him back? If he was sorry about it why the fuck did he keep lying to her? Next thing she\’ll have a baby with him or some shit…if THAT happpens and he goes around fuckin with other girls again, we\’ll see how many people would feel sorry for her then….

  57. Has Cheryl gone mad? He is a womaning cheat and will never change. She is a beautiful, talented girl who can really go far but he will drag her down. She can make it big in USA and does not need him. he will cheat again.

  58. Must be mad, thought she was a stronger woman than this, but at the end of the day its her life, so lets just see how much longer this marriage lasts

  59. I believe eveone deserves a second chance , however anyone that ripps cheryl off with a trog deserves everything he gets and this time Ash .. na na !! see ya later!!

  60. Cheryl you shouldn\’t be scared of being on your own for a while; you need this for the dust to settle. A relationship either works or doesn\’t at the end of the day and that\’s it. He\’s already cheated on you twice and will only do so again given half a chance. Ditch the trash and make a new start while you\’re still young and free to do so

  61. who gives a shit anyway….. but my opinion is…. she\’s a stupid bitch 4 goin back 2 him after he got caught the first time he ovb does it all the time. can\’t stand them! there both a show newcastle chav …………………………….

  62. Hahaha. Cheryl is supose to be the role model of all the young girls and women of today. So what is she teaching everyone \’ If you get married and your husband cheats, just give it a month then go back as nothing has happened! Its time we & the media stop praising her,and stop buying her records! Cos she must think shes got the world at her feet. If you dont buy and watch her she will fade away like all the other wannabe\’s!!!!!!


  64. Wake up and smell the coffee – he is cheat and you deserve so much better. The trust has now gone, Get rid of him and move on

  65. Cheryl he is makin u look like a fool n if u go back to him he will cheat again.. once a cheat always a cheat i say. I like u Cheryl and i think ur a nice girl but if u take him back.. u will look silly. do the right thing n divorce him- u deserve so much better then this, he is sick and twisted.. its not about u hardly bein there to make ur marriage work- u have a busy life and so does he.. but he obviously finds time to do alot of bullshit behind ur back while ur busy workin. i agree with most people here- wake up n smell the coffeethis marriage is over.. should of been over back in 2008 but it werent coz u were stupid enough to take him back n if u do the same thing now.. he will continue to humiliate u.. think about that before u run off to marriage counselling.

  66. Dear Cheryl i just want to give you my own piece of advice all those who are advicing you to drop yuor husband what is their Status do they too have family at all Pls their is no perfection in marriage you can only make your marriage work if you want it woman if you marry another Man now DO YOU KNOW what will come out of its Dont listen to pPRESS OR PEOPLE they are just making money out of your problem I Can assure you if you give your Husbandtime than running after money you will enjoy him PLS THIK TWICE

  67. well done Cheryl for dumping him he was making a fool out of u &he was cheeting on u because he sleeped with 4 differnt girls i am so sorry but do u no what Cheryl u r better of without him and u will find some1 else that will love u & u love him. By the way I think simon cowl might him a cush on u. hope u find the right 1 bye xxx

  68. Please think very carefully Cheryl before returning to the status quo – you are a lovely, talented girl & deserve much better treatment than you have been getting from Ashley. Good luck to you xxPauline

  69. CHERYL tweety listen to your own advice that you would give a friend but also only take it on board and trust your own instincts and your own mind as you may regret doing something that someone else has told you to do instaed of listening to yourself.i have been there and done that made big mistakes.from now on i listen to myself and believe what i think is right for me and i now don\’t care what anyone else thinks because you know what you can\’t control other peoples minds/opinions/actions only your own and thats all that matters.all the best love.

  70. Cheryl, once that trust has gone there is no marriage been there done that it hurts because you feel a failure but you willget over that and come out stronger Lynn

  71. Why is it that the Unfaithfull Husband always manages to blame his Wife ? It\’s a dissgrace that they can turn it around , manipulate you to make you feel \’ To Blame \’ and then expect to carry on as though nothing is wrong all the time making you question yourself ???? You then DO believe it\’s your fault and the deceipt continues. The proof is there Cheryl, it\’s happened to you before. Don\’t let this destroy your career because you may not get another chance. THINK about it deeply if you want this marriage to work then that\’s your choice no-one else\’s, but don\’t let him take away your self esteem & confidence. I truly wish you all the best. Wendy

  72. Cheryl, you need to give it your everything so that you have the peace of mind. Dont listen to other people, only you know what is right. But the only thing i would say. Is you always need your family support, and dont let your relatioship come between you and your family. Or you could end up very isolated without realising it, and that is a ery rocky root. best of luck with your future x

  73. once a cheat always a cheat…..he\’s only feeling sorry for himself cause he got caught out again….why should cheryl blame herself she didn\’t jump in bed with any one…she was faithful stood by her vows….not like her cheating husband


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