Cheryl and Ashley finally meet

After weeks of being apart, Cheryl and Ashley Cole finally met to discuss their impending split.

The Daily Mail has reported their Friday meeting only lasted 30 minutes before Ashley was ordered by Cheryl to move out of their marital home. He had just flown back from France after spending time at a sports injury clinic, and it was the first time they had seen each other since Cheryl announced she would be separating from the footballer. It has also been said that Ashley was expecting to win Cheryl back, but that she was having none of it.

The tabloid reports say Cheryl has enlisted the support of divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his split from Heather Mills. Cheryl and Ashley’s divorce is rumoured to be quick, with a clean split of their assets. Their £6 million mansion will go on the market and they will split the profit between them.

Despite the fact the divorce isn’t final yet, Black Eyed Peas front man has hinted he might be interested in our Chezza. The pair worked together on her debut solo album 3 Words, and he recently said: “She’s [Cheryl] a beautiful girl and I can’t wait to hang out with her more. I’d move to London if it meant being with her.” He also said she’s the “prettiest, hottest girl.” This looks like an old-fashioned attempt to woo to us!

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19 thoughts on “Cheryl and Ashley finally meet

  1. Black Eyed Peas front man has hinted he might be interested in our Chezza. The pair worked together on her debut solo album 3 Words, and he recently said: “She\’s [Cheryl] a beautiful girl and I can\’t wait to hang out with her more. I\’d move to London if it meant being with her.” He also said she’s the “prettiest, hottest girl.” Typical guy who thinks only with the bit between his legs and not what\’s in his head, not interested in Cheryl personality all about the looks, the prettiest, hottest girl. GROW UP William this is the real world not school.

  2. its amazing how people cannot see beyound their noses as regards this issue.There is no perfect human being under the sun,even cheryl is not perfect.The only advice i have for her is to stick to her husband and work things out.I can assure her that the likes of and the others will do similar thing if not worse,she will be counting the number of men on her 2 hands and toes before she realises. She should look at what is happening to all these losers people of the world celebrate and call them celebritites,their lives is in shambles some end up marrying 10times in a life time and the world still celebrate them,really annoying.Wait a little while and you will see the atrocities of coming out.Wise up girl stick with your hubby,work things out,it can never be worse anymore,it can only get better.Most importantly invite the Prince of Peace into your marriage,Jesus should be the third party in every marriage and not your mother,i guess that is where she completely missed it.No man will take dat really.Wish them all the best.

  3. Hi Cheryl, love cancels a multitude of sins. Ashley needs you to turn around and he loves you. Others might admire your talents but how do you know? Go through this crises Victoriously. I keep praying for you. Liz EE

  4. Phew Hopefully the girl see\’s sense and sticks to her guns. Once a two timing rat always a ttr. My advice to her would be move on, you have the whole world at your feet and still young enough to start a new relationship. GIRL POWER.

  5. From a guys point of view, Cheryl should forget relationships for the time being and concentrate on her career. Plently of time for her to move into another relationship, if she moves into another one too quickly it isn\’t always a good idea.

  6. I think its sad they have broken up i think cheryl is aswell. She was saying that she was wanting to start a family this year but i sumhow dont think thats going to happen any time soon. I hate ashley anyway 🙂

  7. marriage is supposed to be for life. but how can that be if one or both cheat. thats not what you marry for.i wouldnt stay with mine if he was a would make my skin crawl to think he was bedding others.

  8. I Lawrence parchment think that the the public and the media should stay out of people\’s life and they should let Mr and Mrs Cole work out their differences ! the people of today do not respect marrage ! it is like some one or some thing said that marrage is some thing that you enter in to and it is all a bed of rooses ! it takes love and hard work for a marrage to work \’ and if one or the other makes a mistake \’ then the love between them should be enough for them to work it out \’ and do not need other people sticking their noses in their buisness \’ I think that cuple need us to say a word of prayer for hem and give them time to taulk about the problem ! Cheryl please do not let people make you rush into doing what they want you to do \’ remember God joined you both together so let no man tear you a sounder \’ with love to you and Ashley \’ best of luck Mr Lawrence parchment\’\’

  9. who cares as i dont their is worse going on in the world , children are dying of hunger i dont give a damn about there marriage at the end of the day they got plenty of money for there wedding snaps now they saying give them privacy i bet if they were offered alot of money they wuldnt say no ,money is there god how terrible greed is to th rich and famous .

  10. The human person is a unity. We do not go and accomplish our career first and forget about our marriage for the time being. The same Cheryl who worked hard at the XFactor and music is expected to work hard now to save her marriage. We need people to fight for the stability of marriage. liz

  11. Marriage is for better for worse thats why we say I do is not for fashion, couples who are always together there are no problems although it was not good for Ashley to Cheat, no one is perfect in life, please don\’t let anyone dictate to u not even your mum, make ya own mind up, mums are suppose to be there for what we decide but not making decisions for u and don\’t act quickly as u might regret later he was the one u love so he can be again, Cheryl think twice, If u are a Christian pray for him and God will change him for you Cheryl, u and Ashley could make beautiful babies, and by the couples are meant to live on their own why is your mum in the house no privacy, pls mum stay away for a bit and let your daughter enjoy married life, Cheryl think before u act God please show Cheryl the way to life as u can fight for this Love. Ashley behave and don\’t let Satan tempt u all the time, All the best

  12. that pair of pampered assholes deserve everything they get for christ sake, you lot get a bloody life and stop fawning to that pair, he sticks it in any vacant hole that he can, and don\’t tell me she\’s little miss purity I think not, and an other thing education is good, so why don\’t you lot get some spelling lessons

  13. lawrence parchmentwrote: \’ remember God joined you both together so let no man tear you a sounder \’ How about – "Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?"Frankly it\’s typical that Cheryl is being critised in these comments. Everyone raving about respecting marriage. Was he respecting his marriage when he cheated on his wife several times. She forgave him once before and he did it again. She deserves to be loved truthfully, and respected. No ones perfect but I\’m pretty sure your God wouldn\’t want one of his children being degraded and emotionally abused by another one. Why is her soul less important than his? No name, you can hardly comment on spelling. Your post is not much better. Full stops? Capital letters?

  14. lucas not all us men are the same, women can be just as bad at cheating, as for ashley cole he\’s like a un-neutered tom cat, the tosser should have stayed single if he wanted to screw around, but like most footballers he appears to think he\’s the next best thing to god and can get away with anything. if he had any genuine feelings for her he would not have screwed around behind her back, what makes it worse is the fact that none of the bikes he was riding were anything to look at compared to his wife, here\’s hoping she does dump the prat before she catches something nasty off him and the tarts he\’s been with.

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