Katie to launch kids make-up range?

Katie Price is no stranger to controversy, and now it seems she’s rattled Peter Andre again by announcing she will create a range of childrens’ make-up, with daughter Princess as the face of the brand.

The glamour model revealed her plans on her ITV2 show What Katie Did Next. She recently caused a stir when she posted pictures on Facebook of two-year-old daughter Princess wearing make-up and false eyelashes. The Sun has reported Peter, Katie’s ex-husband and father of the child in question, is disgusted by the thought of the range, but is hoping it’s a joke.

He had previously said of the infamous Facebook picture: “If I’m honest, I’m absolutely disgusted and to me that’s the worst thing to be worried about. It’s a two-year-old girl and to me that’s disgusting."

On her reality TV show, Katie shared details of her business prospects: "Edible lipstick, little case with wipes to take your make-up off. You can get a nice case for make-up wipe, lipsticks, blushers and mascara and nail varnishes." When told she would face backlash for her risky product range, she simply replied: "That’s why I like to do it. For all you haters out there."

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100 thoughts on “Katie to launch kids make-up range?

  1. ok i was a little girl once, many moons ago and loved going and using my mums stuff and dress up. If a range came out, 1 parents have a choice of buying it or not, 2 takes the mystery away from wearing my mums make up using hairbrush etc. I can understand what Katies trying to do shes a entrepreneur, business woman and very good at it, looking at how comfortably off her family are, but when it comes to hers and Peter s children, its not only her feelings that are taken into consideration. Im divorced went through horrendous time and looking back both myself and my ex made it difficult for each other, we were in that red zone. The long term damage this does to your children cannot be seen till its too late. | Both Peter and Katie need to learn to communicate, listen, consider and respect each others feelings, AS PARENTS not as a couple, forget the team Peter team Katie rubbish not interested but theres children here who are innocent and stuck right in the middle, please learn from my mistakes think about their future!!!!

  2. I am finding Peter Andre a little annoying now, its all a bit tit for tat now, what Katie does is her business now, I bet if they were still married he would only be to glad to receive the money from these make up products. After all nobody had heard of of him since his few one hit wonders, gets with Katie and becomes "famous again", all thks to her!! Girlfriends selling stories, breakdown\’s…who is interested??? He makes money this way and she makes money her way..Get over it! Its a little bit of innocent fun for the kids in the safety of the home, just like dressing up and wearing Mums shoes!

  3. There are already make-up sets out there for kids. Go into Superdrug or Boots at Christmas and you can find butterfly or heart shaped cases with sparkly lip-gloss and glittery nail varnish. And yes, i have bought them for my two daughters to use, in the house, whilst dressing up. But i have to admit that i havent a clue what is in them as most have no ingredients are are \’made in japan\’.If Katie Price wants to bring out a proper kids range, good for her. I\’d buy it. At least you would know that the products have been tested and are safe for our little ones. I\’d rather my kids had safe, hypo-alergenic play make-up than ruining my favorite lippy! And Aaron, i dont think my views make me mentally unfit to be a mother!

  4. What is she trying to do? Make her daughter the same type of trollop that she is? Childrens\’ skin is too delicate at that age to be putting chemicals on for the sake of so-called \’beauty\’. Most children, whether boys or girls, are usually beautiful anyway, so why mess about with them. Any mother who puts makeup on a small child needs to have a look at her parenting skills – there is more to parenting than being a chav and following the likes of Katie Price! Seems to me that with Katie Price it\’s anything to get her name in the papers. She should stop and take a good, long, hard look at herself and see just what a fake piece of plastic she has become!

  5. Helen sparkly lip-gloss and glittery nail varnish is a little bit different, usually aimed at children 6 and up, but fake eyelashes on a 2 year old come what kind of mother would do that???? She\’s only using her kids to make money out of them cause no one else gives a damn about Katie Price anymore.

  6. Little kids playing with their mum\’s stuff is one thing – deliberately selling products designed to make them look like mini-adults is quite another. Early sexualisation of children is an evil which already pervades so-called developed countries. Look at the beauty contests run for little girls in America and tell me it\’s not a paedophile\’s wet dream to have little girls – some as young as one – painted up to look like sexy young women. This is just so wrong on so many levels and is tantamount to encouraging child abuse. Anyone, and especially any mother, who subscribes to presenting small children as pouting, painted creatures displaying sexual signals – for that\’s what red lipstick is – should be ashamed of themselves. This is exactly the kind of stupidity that allows paedophiles to justify their sick desires. It also indoctrinates little girls into thinking that they cannot be attractive and nice just as they are but need the help of overpriced, often cruelly-produced cosmetics to somehow make them truly female. Just how early do we want to introduce the misery of dissatisfaction with their bodies and faces into our daughter\’s lives? Before their personalities are even fully formed? Oh that\’s smart, isn\’t it? Not! What next? Botox for toddlers? The whole business (and make no mistake that\’s what it is – a business designed to make money from stupid parents) of parading wee girls as though they were adult beauty queens makes me absolutely furious and sick to my stomach. It\’s disgusting and wrong.

  7. as a father of 6, 3 of them girls of 12, 8 and 2 i find this disturbing and disgusting and anybody that thinks that "trollop" price is correct and would allow thier own girls to use said products are just as guilty of child abuse as the peadophiles that physically abuse kids, as a parent its my job to protect my kids from the vile and vulgar people that roam this planet and parading a child around whilst they look odler than they do and looking like little "hookers" is not protecting a child. Also the message you give to a child "that they ony look good if they have make-up on" does wonders for self esteem too. why can\’t we let our kids grow up at a correct pace and be children and experiment with mam\’s make-up in the house not on the streets for all to see!!!!

  8. At what point in her life ( probably when her daughter is a messed up as Katie is now) will Katie realise the choices and decisions she makes impact on her childrens lifes forever. Dressing up boxes are one thing, Tarting up boxes and glamourising young fragile minds is quite another.She should be ashamed of herself and lets hope she gets a huge wake up call soon before something she does goes horribly wrong!

  9. It\’s interesting the sorts of people who come out of the woodwork to comment on things like this – most of whom seem to miss the point! It\’s there in the last sentence of the report: "That\’s why I like to do it. For all you haters out there." Katie Price isn\’t doing this because she thinks it\’s good for her kids. She isn\’t really doing it for the money (although she\’d probably tell you she is). That quote tells us her real motive – to keep her name in the media. Love her or hate her, you\’re still paying attention to her. (And before anyone points out that I\’m here, too, I was directed to this news report by a friend who knows I have views on this sort of Z-list attention seeking). If we all ignored her, she would fade into obscurity. People only publish about people like her because they know idiots will read it. If what she is doing really upsets you, then simply ignore her!

  10. If we all put our minds together she may be dished an extremely bad helping of fate. She is well due it but then we have the idiots to thank for her fortune and while they continue to do so we have to put up with her face in our media.

  11. Its a funny world…Pete now has the opportunity to fully appreciate how classless Katie is by her actions, and in her own independent capacity. Its a dog eat dog world and its very obvious that she would stoop down to any level to make a few bucks….and using their precious daughter as a commercial tool at such an innocent age! That is completely outrageous!!!…and funny enough, i do remember the days when she was being pitched on the same pedastal against the lovely Victoria Beckham. There is no comparison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a moral lesson for 21st century guys who choose to learn the hard way!Sorry Pete…

  12. If all the people here commenting on how disgusting etc she ( katie price) is for allowing children to wear make up, why not read it properly, then you would actually see all she is doing is allowing the COMPANY that approached her to use her name on their make up,as a mother of a now 19yr old and 15yr old i allowed my daughters to wear my make up when they were toddlers and it has done them no harm whatsoever, again it\’s this old high \’n\’ mighty Mr andre who just can\’t stomach his wife yet again earning money and allowing their daughter to wear make up for gods sake look at tom cruises daughter she has high heels etc and yet none of you have commented on that, there again i am assuming most of you are getting your knickers in a twist because Katie is probably going to straighten her daughters hair plaster the make up on stick her in a pair of high heels then let her go clubbing huh (NOT) .I feel more sorry for the kids who have parents that don\’t allow their kids to have a little fun with make up.

  13. For just how long will this woman have a career? I mean, it\’s getting quite frankly, a bit tiresome her being famous for getting her chesticles out and winding people up, fade away katie, and never darken the paps lenses again!!!

  14. well i\’m sure most girls as children use to put on there mum\’s make up and as it said on the show it isn\’t safe for them so she is making a brand which wilkl be safe and she\’s not the first to bring out make up for kids theres loads aimed at children so why should dhe be slated for it!!

  15. OK so your all having a go at Katie and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However! I do have a point to make, what about all these messed up crazy moms who dress their little girls up for Beauty Pageants http://www.universalroyalty.com/ now this is beyond awful these little girls should be allowed to play with dolls, dress up like mom, help bake cakes in the kitchen. this is disgusting what katie is doing is winding people up and you are all biting. I\’m due to have a little girl in July and I\’ll let her put make up on and dress up. What about childrens magazines that have a free lipstick attached to it? There is no right or wrong way of bringing up your children. As long as my daughter to be only does it at home, i.e doesn\’t want to start wearing on a daily basis or to school then why not. jesus, I remember my little brother putting make up on when he was toddler (I hope he doesn\’t read this) lol.

  16. What is the matter with this woman she is really out to wind pete up i ahd the higest reguard for her when they were together but i can not even stand to read anything about her ok she made her money doing what she did but how much more does she want pete is trying to live his life and kate is jealous of his fame as she hated by everyone and she is using the kids as weapons it is about time socail services or someone stepped in to stop all this kate get a god damn life woman stop using the kids to get at pete

  17. well said valerie i guess iam with you every thing you said here yes kids dress up maybe try to use their mums make up but still told not to know shops have kids stuff but not on long let kids have their child hood she just a pain looking for the limelight again yes she is jeslous of petes fame and she will be jealous if finds another girl married or not time she was put on the back burner false eye lashes straighting her hair princess dyeing it come on her hair fall out if she keeps going

  18. You had the highest regard Valerie? as for winding poor lil petey up he does a good job of that already, oh wait is this the same pete who shagged some woman just for sex? hmmm oh hold on no one knew about that till she sold her story to the paper, as for Katie being jelous of pete i think you will find that\’s not as true as he had nothing till she gave him the media fame he got and it was all thanks to her i bet that\’s really annoying him huh again as other people have commented if you are allowing the child to play with make up and put it on within their family so what, i don\’t know where some you get all high \’n\’ mighty just because it\’s Katie Price, and yes i am a fan and no i don\’t always agree with a lot of what she says or does but come on not one of us is perfect including poor lil pete!!!!!!!!

  19. i must say if she released a make up range we would buy it for our 3 year old who plays with the stuff all the time, she even has a manacen head to practise on. I think kids that age are all the same and its a rare thing in the market, so Katie Price the Business Women wins again, however i do dislike the women due to her doing whatever it takes to stay in the public eye and as she is a mother she should think before she acts!

  20. Kimm,I dont know if you are being paid by Katie to defend her….she is clearly a very manipulative woman who would do anything to be in the media limelight. She was lucky to have someone like Pete in her life, and that gave her a little bit of credibility and greater media attention while it lasted…but now the cuffs are off, and she\’s scared of going into obscurity and, cant stop herself doing whatever it takes to try and remain relevant and in the media limelight.I think she should takes Pete\’s wishes into consideration before exploiting thier daughter for money and fame….its unfair on the man and its unfair on the kids.It is sad…Shame on you Katie!!!!!!!

  21. i think there is a huge difference between letting your child dress up and play with your make up and actually exploiting the child i mean princess is only 2 does she get a choice in wether she wants to do it? if she had been a little older and could make that choice for herself then fine but she isn\’t so this is all down to katie. if she wants to put her name on it fine but leave her child out of it until she is old enough to make the choice for herself

  22. She is just a media hungry tramp who doesn\’t care who she exploits to top up her bank balance. I think its disgusting using her 2 year old daughter like this…..The woman makes me cringe and her activities make me sick. Pete should do all he can to get those children away from her…

  23. Arthur, no i\’m not being paidi\’m merely stating my opinion as everyone else is, just because i don\’t agree with the majority does not mean i\’m being paid, although Katie if you read this i\’m happy to negotiate lol,and sorry but where exactly has it been seen or heard that Princess did or didn\’t want to do it, like the majority of other kids wh have played with make up i\’m sure Princess was probably watching her mother then thought "ooooooooooh messy stuff i want some of that" as i said previously there\’s no harm allowing kids play with make up for goodness sake there\’s already enough limits on what people allow kids to do, oh and doesn\’t Pete also "exploit his kids" when he takes them out places and the "media" are snapping away?? pot kettle springs to mind 🙂

  24. Sorry Kimm….I am not knocking your opinion, you have the right to have your opinion. I am just a normal parent who is disgusted by Katie\’s antics as a mother. What she is doing is not right for their Kids. Their daughter is way too young to understand what is going on….but nonetheless she is a parent and there is nothing illegal in what she\’s doing, just that some of us (or perhaps millions of us) find it very distasteful!!!!

  25. sorry, but if the make-up is being made for children, then it will b child friendly and unharmful!! there are already hundreds of child friendly make-up products out there!! i used to have play make-up as a child, its not like shes getting princess to do a playboy photo-shoot! pete and all u other haters need 2 find sum1 else to hate on!!

  26. i actually don\’t hate katie but i do think these sort of things should be the choice of the person doing it not what somebody else wants them to do.this discision should also have been discussed with peter aswell before she goes making plans for thier kids everything she does now frames the sort of person the child will be when they are older and i just think its such a shame that she wants the sort of life she had for her daughter. shouldn\’t princess be who she wants to be? not what she is made to be

  27. Dear God. This is just a way of allowing a little girl to play dress up with child safe products rather than using her mums products which may not be. I dont see what the big deal is. Little girls would love this and mums can feel assured that they are using something safe. Its just the media making something out of nothing.

  28. All I can say is what a pile of tosh is in so many of these comments.There is a certain brand of young girls trainers, on the market at the moment, covered in glitter and pink – nothing to do with Katie Price. The free gift you get with every pair is a plastic mobile phone filled with make-up and perfume for the very young child to use.Do I see you all complaining about that – NO. You only complain because it is her.Princess has been filmed wearing these trainers so Andre is well aware of endorsing them – and their free gift. Stop going on about her being only 2 as well, she is 3 very shortly – not some babe in arms that needs wrapping in cotton wool. As to contacting social services – I would rather she was plastered with make-up than being taught that lying is OK and using the other sex for just SEX, without payment, is acceptable as well.

  29. I understand what you\’re saying Arthur but, what about all us parents who have bought our kids male and female baby dolls? you know with the bits on the male dolls and then we have baby dolls that cry, wet their nappy, eat pretend doll baby food and even pooh, now isn\’t this teaching our "little girls" stupid beliefs as well? as Barbara wrote this is all because it\’s Katie Price, as i mentioned in an earlier post Tom Cruise has a daughter who at 3 wears make up and high heels, yet no one is saying that\’s wrong, i\’m a great believer in live and let live, no harm at all is coming to Princess and who know maybe she will rebel when older or as some put it "be mentally scarred" but i think personally Katie does as good a job as the million of other parents with her kids, and as she has always pointed out, she will make as much money as she can to make sure her kids are looked after i say bloody good on her.

  30. Think children are growing up to quickly as it is without a mother encourging a two year old child to wear makeup. bet the sick peodophiles love katie price.

  31. sick peodophiles as you put it do not need to love katie price , they just need to switch their pc on and trawl the net, i\’m sure we all have pics of our kids some where on our pc that if others wanted could so easily just take

  32. If kids want to play with make-up then they should probably have their own rather than destroying their mother\’s. But I think the real point is that Katie is inflicting this on her daughter rather than it being her daughter\’s choice. A 3 year old can hardly be allowed to apply mascara or false eyelashes to herself as there is a risk of them hurting themselves. So, rather then this being a child allowed to play with make-up this is a child which has make-up put on her. What else is this but a stupid, shallow, vain woman deciding that her child doesn\’t conform to how she thinks she should look and attempting to modify her? Pete also argued with her over her destroying the child\’s hair with straighteners. She\’s doing nothing but teaching the child that she\’s not good enough as she is even though she appears to be a pretty girl without \’help\’. I suspect that this advertising campaign she plans to use to thrust her child into the limelight is unlikely to depict a child playing happily smearing stuff on her face but more likely to show her as an expertly-made-up porcelain doll in the manner of those awful baby beauty pageants which seem to be popular in America. She\’s no different from those pushy, controlling moms who are trying to live vicariously through their children because they realise that no-one\’s particularly interested in them anymore. She\’s not even allowing Princess time to grow up enough to make any kind of decision whether she wants a life in the public eye. Most celebrities shield their children from this kind of pressure, but to Katie Price her children are obviously just another attention-getting, money-making commodity for her to take advantage of in her quest for power and media saturation.

  33. There is actually no real proof that Katie "forced or made " her daughter wear make up, nor is there any proof she constantly makes a point of "straightning" her hair, she straightened it once, and much as i agree with aboloshing those ridiculous American Pagents with small children appearing in them, i would always allow either of my kids to join me in using make up wether it be for fun to smudge all over their faces it\’s part of the "fun" in being a child, like i said maybe those against all this should try petitioning against those stupid bloody dolls that pee, eat, cry and pooh or pick on the Crusies .

  34. This is quite bizarre! A small child wearing makeup? Princess doesn\’t need any, she is very pretty as she is, and her mum ought to let her grow up naturally so she can make her own mind up & let her enjoy her childhood first. I am not a Fan of Katie Price,why does she need to be in the media limelight all the time? Katie can do so many other positive things with her life instead of limelight grabbing. It\’ a shame!!!

  35. Let the child have a childs live first .Before putting make up on her. Theres enough perverts out there as it is without you luring them to your DAUGHTER .You should be protecting her all times and not just with body gaurds .If you cannot do this then give them to Peter .I dont care what you do but leave the children out of it .

  36. I don’t know anything about makeup so I won’t pretend to be an expert about this topic. But there is a market out there which could be very beneficial for Katie and the kids, after all everything she earns now, will be go to Harvey; Junior; Princess eventually.You people make it sound like you are forced to buy these makeup sets; last I heard parents still do have some rights over their kids and that includes whether to buy their kids these products. If you don’t want your child exposed to these products then fair enough, then you don’t need to buy them it! IT’S UP TO YOU. It is highly unlikely that a child aged 3 will go to the shop to buy it behind their parents back.I would rather buy my kids the makeup sets if I felt that they would enjoy to have them, rather than them stealing from their mother’s bedroom, it is a rare to find a teenager in our day and age that you can actually trust. Let’s try to make the next generation better!And from what I read earlier about getting the child services involved, how on earth can you get child services involved? I mean, the kids live in a safe, well loved home and are financially secure on both sides.Nice one Katie, keep up the good work! 🙂

  37. i think she should bring out a child friendly make up range. ive got a 5 yr old daughter and she has used loads of my make up so it would b great if i could get her, her own make up that she can use and i wont be worried bout chemicals that may b in make up for adults. i will b first in line for when they come out.

  38. I think most people seem to be missing the point! There is a big difference between a 2yr old, being plastered in make up by their mothers and a 8-10yr old buying and experimenting with it themselves.Katie is not doing this in the interest of her young daughter or for little girls to have a bit of fun with make-up but for the limelight and the fame that she so badly needs. Plus she obviously finds no problems in using and exploiting her 2/3yr old as much as she does with Harvey and his disabilities.She is utterly disgusting and completely amoral. She has used her children, her ex-husband and the very stupid current one!

  39. Will this woman stop at nothing in her pursuit of fame. Using a small child like this is just SICK. I once thought that although i didnt like the woman at least she was a good mother to her children however she has shown that she is no longer even that

  40. Oh my such comments and all based on what a newspaper said, i think some people need to lighten up and remember Katie Price may be a lot of things but come on for christs sake, Social Services? you really need to maybe get a life all you that suggest Social Services be involved because, if you really think Social Services should be involved then we best give the majority of our addresses as well, i\’m sure we are ALL GUILTY of allowing our kids to do some "grown" up things at some point!!!!!!!

  41. Peter,for crying out loud stop your winging. Why do you spend your time complaining? Think of all the people in the world who have been suffering after experiencing loved ones losing their lives to earthquakes and famines etc. You should have been one of Gordon Brown\’s henchmen with all the moaning you do. Try talking to Katie about your concerns instead of causing a war yet again. Think of your children who are suffering because you are continuously airing your dirty laundry in public. Is that what you want to teach them for future reference? I hope not. Be responsible, move on and grow up please.

  42. Oh dear think Katie has had one Botox injection too many and its got to her brain. Shame we can\’t freeze her mouth shut.

  43. this woman only does things to bug people and to get a reaction. She wants to be careful as one day it will all back fire!!!!

  44. Is the silly b!tch grooming her daughter to become a slapper like her mum? It\’s one thing to put a touch of mummy\’s lipstick onto baby\’s lips and maybe paint her toenails all in play but bringing out a range of cosmetics………? Let\’s hope it\’s just her twisted idea of a joke!

  45. U r all mad!! Katie is a clever women if i had her money id do the same! ALL LITTLE GIRLS LOVE there mummys make up i did and im 28 now and i have my mates girls as young as 3 askin to wear it FOR FUN!!!! she dont mean dress up for it to be taken serious its a bit of fun for inside your house, if u as a mother which i am of a son but if i had a girl i would let her whats the big deal, u need 2 get a life and stop attacking her for everything she does cos at the end of the day your all jealous!! If it was anyone else id say the same if katie holmes done it u would paise it ! did no one comment when she had her little girl go out in RED lipstick NO so why do you do it to katie, it was a bit of fun and het daughter enjoys playing dress up what little gitl dont!

  46. Rachel Joneswrote: what a tit! typical slapper Actually she\’s a £30 odd million slapper 😉 and a very shrewd business woman, as a few poeple have said on here "jelousy" springs to mind as for "grooming" i\’d have to disagree, as Katie Price is only allowing a COMPANY use her name to sell the make up if it goes ahead, she isn\’t actually going to a factory and making the bloody stuff herself duhhh oh and why is not 1 person that\’s slating her here also whinging about Tom Cruise and his daughter?? hmmm oh and Princess is nearly 3 not a baby so of course she wants to play with make up, but as parents who all bought our kids those stupid cabbage patch dolls i suppose we\’re going to be condemned to hell huh dum dee dum

  47. Unbelievable – have just read all these comments here, and Robert, who, not only can\’t he spell but also used to wear make up – and now at 28, has mates girls as young as 3 asking to wear it for fun in caps, OMG what does that tell you!!! What an absolute twonk!!! Thank God for Peter Andre, the only man on the planet that is not only capable in looking after his children and does not need his ex-wife to help with anything but is also extremely talented – who cares what Katie did next – Peter is by far a better father than K is a mother if one can call her that!!!

  48. The trouble with the world is that people want everyone to grow up at a rapid rate. It is one thing children having make up for dressing up at play, and quite another for them to have serious make up. That is sick.

  49. Amelia i really don\’t think picking people up on spelling errors is what this debate is about, surely we all have a "spell checker" on our pc and if so required we can spell check for perfection if need be, maybe "robert" is the persons 2nd name or short for Roberta? again to many just jump on the band wagon and "assume" oh and i\’d check your own words again before picking fault with others 😉

  50. Kimm…you have done a good job trying to defend Katie, but it is always important to bear in mind the age of her daughter…she is only two going on three!!!! Katie is a flawed character and a very bad role model to young girls out there, but that doesn\’t mean she doesn\’t have the right to be a mother….however she needs to take time out and reflect on her life and the impact her behaviour is having on the Pete and the kids. Those kids need their father, and Katie is doing anything and everything possible to hurt their Dad for her own selfish reasons.It is now clear that those children need protection from Katie, her behaviour concerns me because she is a bad representation of women, and should be banished to "G" class obscurity for the public\’s interest…

  51. Actually Arthur i\’m not "defending Katie" i\’m merely commenting on this debate, and as i said i\’m more worried about giving children dolls that pee, eat pretend food, pooh and have male and female parts, what is that showing our "children" as for kids needing a father, not always Arthur, i brought both mine up myself and they have both made me very proud, even though i allowed them to wear my make up etc, as for Pete? you think it\’s right that "his kids" will some time read about how their father had a relationship with no feeling other than "just sex" that\’s great parenting that huh, i just can\’t believe Arthur that so many slate Katie for what she allows her kids to do yet other stars it\’s ok? oh and where is everyone moaning about the time Pete allowed his son Junior to get blonde streaks through his hair??? again the list is endless and it\’s a "tit for tat" game with Pete pretending he\’s poor Mr innocent may i step off the soap box now? lol 😉

  52. So if Katie\’s such a bad person for bringing out a range of children\’s make-up then aren\’t Disney and Avon equally as bad? I mean they\’ve been selling children\’s make-up for years. In fact my seven year daughter has been putting on children\’s make up for a few years now just like mummy and wearing dressing up heeled shoes made by Disney. Should I be labelled as a bad mother?I do wonder if Katie had still been married to Peter would half the things she says and does be such an issue? The fact is she made millions getting her boobs out, getting her finger in as many pies as possible to provide a future for her children and good for her it seems to me that people are just jealous and wish they had the money she has.If you don\’t like her stop bitching about her, watching her shows, buying the magazines with her splashed across it and let her get on with her life and raising her children how she sees fit, as i\’m sure all you people who have your opinion on her parenting skills have never faultered with raising your children, have you?

  53. I respect your comments as a single mum of two, I am sure you are a fabulous mum to your kids, however there are boundaries of good taste which Katie has never observed in her life…and we do not need to look very far to find the most appauling evidence of her disregard for decency and self respect. Other stars are not as boundless as katie…at least when they go wrong they seem to know when the public have had a enough of them….but with Katie – NO!!!!!!she has no boundaries…her kids are now her new commercial tool….THAT IS SICKENING! SICKENING SICKENING!!!!….all I can say is poor little girl, poor Pete…shame on you Katie Price Andre!

  54. Ahhh but Arthur remember "poor pete" also advertised his kids when he was married to Katie because, he also allowed the cameras into their marital home and involve their kids in full view of the public 😉 anyway it\’s been um fun and i\’m now away to paint my dogs claws and put false eyelashes and make up on her lol nanite 😉 you never know you may see me on "cruel pet owners " tv heehee

  55. What is everyones problem, all children like to dress up, make up, hats, dresses, veils, my mum loved helping me play dress up when i was little and I am a normal well rounded adult, it\’s a natural thing coping adults that how we learn, I have children of my own two boys and now a baby girl, and my boys enjoyed dressing up as comic heroes, and im sure my little girl will want to do the same, are people going to tell me if I B***dy hope not, and only because Katie is famous people think they can critisize, well get a life.

  56. andre should get a life, what a miserable boring git, kates probably winding the muppet up, either way she\’s making money for his kids future, on the other hand i wish she\’d keep her head down for a bit and not give the prat reason to gripe about simple things, it\’s the only thing keeping him in the news, hopefully, 12 months from now people will barely remember him, if it was not for him being married to her we would have heard the last of him a long time ago, lets face it, he\’s his own biggest fan and his latest attempts on cd have gone down the pan. saint pete was quick enough to dump her after claiming the marriage was going down the pan for a long time yet he still managed to get her pregnant and dump her weeks after a mis-carriage, yet women still pass judgement on katie and heap praise on andre, well, to all women out there that support andre, if thats the sort of guy you\’d like in you\’re life then god help you. both of them lost the kid she was carrying and the low life left her not long after, now thats disgusting, not kids make up.

  57. Nicely said jeff, however I don\’t think Katie should keep a low profile for a while… as that is what the haters want. I however enjoy watching and reading the publicity Katie Price gets. You may call me sad, but I don’t care – LOL!! Keep up the Good work 🙂


  59. I like the idea i am not mad i am just katies friend but i liek the idea since it will onyl have sensible colours in it 😀

  60. she has finally lost her mind, what about the damage she will do to their skin, I certainly wouldn\’t want my daughter paraded on Facebook

  61. I hate this woman more than i could ever express, there are girls being born today that will want to be like her in a few years and that scares me, what ever happened to appreciating children and women in general for natural beauty. I think it is disgusting that she thinks it is ok to help girls get more and more insecure about themselves that woman has alot to answer for.

  62. why doesnt she grow up and start being a mother to her kids i think peter should get custody of the children all she wants is fame and money and the children deserve better than all the crap she keeps dishing out.Do us all a favor Katie and emigrate with that ugley husband of yours A S A P

  63. Katie is a good mum. All littlegirls like to wear makeup. And if wearing makeup was so bad why can parents buy makeup in toys are us and woolworths bascially anywhere these days for children.If people dont want there children to wear makeup dont buy the fucking product then. Stop moaning and get a life,Peter andre is a drip he is just as bad he sells storys about there mother in ok magazines and papers what is he going to say to his kids about that when they are older.And why doesnt he be a man and say the real reason why he dumped his wife. Katie works and provides for her children and don\’t forget she also does a lot of work for charities so she cant be that bad can she

  64. how u say she shouldnt be able to have kids !!!!! she\’s a gd mum nd every 1 derseved kids (maybe not rapists and all dem shouldnt) and i have noticed all the ppl who say a bad word about katie is eigher ugly or fat so it obvious dat there jelous lool x she hasnt done any harm to her children . da only 1 who looks lke they int copin is peter wit all dat weight he lost wen he\’s da 1 who dumpted her, but i dnt have a problem with him, u all need to grow up u sound like aload of 6 year olds. how many mothers do you think cld bring up a child with the condition harveys gt wen ur in ur early 20\’s by urself ??? huh?? nd look at him now tell me she int a good mother but at da end of the day i can say theirboth good perents 🙂 and for all of u to say she\’s a bad mother you all need ur eyes testing , remember no 1s perfect but u criterizing ppl dont make u perfect ye self does it !! shaynie x luv katie price whoop :0 x

  65. Shaynie Dobner: I know a girl that is 18 and has raised her seriously disabled son on her own for 4 years and done a really good job of it. No one is perfect but to exploit ur kids to make money is sick! and in ur opinion if everyone that hates her is ugly and jealous the people that like her are fake, dumb and obnoxious!

  66. Can\’t help the suspicion that she\’s doing this to wind Peter up since he was so vocal in his disapproval of the original pictures.At any rate, what appalls me is that her response to people\’s understandable fears about over-sexualising young kids was about giving her "haters something to talk about." The sheer arrogance of it and refusal to believe anybody could actually be offering a valid point out of concern rather than some playground hatred for her was bad enough, but it just shows the complete lack of thought she\’s given to the issue. It\’d be one thing if she\’d come out with an intelligent answer; I wouldn\’t have agreed but I could have at least respected it. But as ever, she\’s just petty and childish – her sole attraction to doing it seems to be other people\’s disapproval and money. Also had to laugh when she said the tag line was going to be that Mummy\’s make up isn\’t safe for young girls – so whose make up was it she plastered all over the kid\’s face in the first place? Presumably Mummy\’s, no?

  67. shup there nothing wrong wae putting make-up on a wee girl she will be doing it when she is older anyway + i put make-up on my niece nd shes only 2 years older

  68. i have to girl,s and a grandaughter ,and all av put make up on from been little and it,s not dun them no harm it,s a bit off fun and anyone with little girl,s will know it,s not gunner kill um there is more things out there to worry about. so pete you be doing a lot more worry wen she get,s older.

  69. price is a disgrace,this woman is only interested in herself, its all about her plastic add ons,duck lips,money, what she doesnt seemto understand, is that in a few years time as the media loose interest,her little world is going to come crashing down.she really needs to get some advice .what she doesnt need is all the hangers on so called celebs,when her money and looks have gone so will they.ifeel sorry for her in one way as i believe she isnt very inteligent.

  70. Its people like her an others what paedophiles love … dont they realize they say Bring it on …? Wake up an smell the coffee mothers ….we live in the real world.. dont let these people get their kicks out a looking at all these kids ……in makeup..

  71. this is fuckin tipical off her god kids are meant to ave fake make up to mess round wiv and not there pearnts to buy mascara and lippy and fondation for a 3 4 year old its a discase

  72. For gods sakes, this thread is ridiculous, anyone with little girls know that they love trying mymmy\’s shoes and make up on! i would buy the make up! kids have vanity tables that come with make up!!!! lelli kelly shoes come with make up!!! its not an original idea!!Its up to the parents to be responsible and there is not 1 person i know who would let their young child out in make up! They can just play in the house at being mummy! they have dressing up boxes!I think many of you are missing the point…. its a toy…to play with..pretend being mummy….not walking around in day to day life!

  73. "When told she would face backlash for her risky product range, she simply replied: "That\’s why I like to do it. For all you haters out there.""Attention Seeking IDIOT…. need i say more

  74. TV show, Katie shared details of her business prospects: "Edible lipstick, little case with wipes to take your make-up off. You can get a nice case fo<a href="http://www.sportdaren.com"><b>nba sports scores</b></a>r make-up wipe, lipsticks, blushers and mascara and nail varnish<a href="http://www.sportdaren.com"><b>sports scores</b></a>es." When told she would face backlash for her risky product range, she simply replied: "That\’s why I like to do it. For<a href="http://www.sportdaren.com"><b>horse racing betting</b></a> all you haters out there."

  75. God Whats So Wrong About Letting Children Wear Make Up , Its Not The End Of The World !!! I Used To Wear Make Up When I Was Princesses Age x Yeh I Still Do. Big Woop Woop -x-

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