Cheryl’s voicemail rape threat drama

Detectives have launched an investigation after Dermot O’Leary received a threatening voicemail message about X Factor co-star Cheryl Cole on his personal phone.

The message, reportedly a rape threat, is of a “sexual, threatening and sickening nature”, police confirmed. A City of London Police spokesperson announced an investigation has been launched. "We are investigating claims of an offensive message being left on a mobile telephone. It follows a complaint from a member of the public."

Cheryl is aware of the message, The Sun reports, but has not actually heard it.

The 26-year-old can add this to her list of recent dramas, including the revelation of her husband Ashley’s infidelities, and having to cancel recent promotional engagements due to a bout of bronchitis.

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17 thoughts on “Cheryl’s voicemail rape threat drama

  1. omg poor women pppl r sik wots the point and with all that security lmao as if they would get nr her keep ur head held high u have load of fans and my lil girl loves u got posters everywhere think she must b ur biggest fan xxxxxx chin up chick

  2. What irks me about this is that I can\’t help but feel if this was someone not in the public eye, the police wouldn\’t be investigating at all…

  3. I feel that Cheryl Cole is not better than Katie Price for Media attention and Hype. Anything to promote themselves.

  4. To Dema….how is Cheryl Cole promoting this? A phone call made to someone elses mobile? Oh do get real and stop the green eyed monster.

  5. cheryl at the end of the day people will say anything …yousong that song nd tell me to fight 4 my love so we all want you to take a leef out of your own book and fight 4 your love …..this is life and this is love if you realy love the person that much then this is the time………god is tasting you not once nor twice or maybe three times but have fate this is the work of thedevil and the test of the lord. but girl have fait and fight 4 ur marriage dont give up xxxxx …….fight 4 ur love

  6. cheryl lv dont fight for the love of tht thing u where wif look after numbe1 girl ur 2 good for him keep ur chin up chick!

  7. i think we all live in a very strange place with alot of very odd people walking about, its very scary that we are all following the lives of so called stars, instead of our own, just to say to the sick weirdos who stalk and attack people you are ill very ill in the head and should of been drowned at birth the world would be without a doubt a safer place to be, and less sad stories on the front of our newspapers every day, because of these sick evil freaks who by the way should not have one god dam right to any thing, if a reak reads this do everyone a favour and hang yourself so us tax payers dont have to keep you when you are behind bars the only bars you should be behind is the ones in the zoo with the lions, and to the famous people keep your lves to yourselfs and draw attention to yourselfs and you wont get in the paper for gods sake women get shit on every day of the week, we all have break downs but us hard workers cant afford a couple of weeks in rehab, count yourselfs lucky and stop moaning all the time, there are more problems with drink and drugs in the so called famous world i wouldnt be a part of that for any thing. One word for u all grow up and get in the real world where you all were once

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