Rachel Stevens is expecting!

Rachel Stevens has delighted her fans with the news she is expecting her first child with husband Alex Bourne.

In an official statement from their representative, their happy news was announced:

“We are delighted to announce that Rachel Stevens and her husband Alex are expecting their first baby later this year.”

The singer added that she and Alex are “thrilled and so excited about becoming parents”.

The couple now have an extra reason to celebrate at their first wedding anniversary in August. Congratulations!

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17 thoughts on “Rachel Stevens is expecting!

  1. Hi mum to be, hope its goes well and good luck, take care of yourselves and put your feet up. While u can, because when the baby comes u won\’t get a chance.

  2. So pleased for you both, Parenthood is amazing! you will love it!!!!!! God bless the 3 of you. Enjoy every minute of it, you can\’t wish for a more precious gift x

  3. wow wonderful news Rachael and Alex – love your music Rachael and think that you will be great parents! xxxPoppy Rose

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